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Who is Chosen for Enlightenment?

Tara Bianca shares beautiful wisdom in this video about who enlightenment is for and how one is chosen for enlightenment. Someone asked her, “How does God decide who will receive or find enlightenment?” Find out what she shares!

Mystery of Existence

Tara Bianca shares beautiful wisdom in this video about the Mystery of Existence. Interested in connecting with the Mystery? Connecting with the Divine?

Divine Ascension Wisdom: Sacred Treasure & Divine Inheritance

Tara Bianca shares beautiful wisdom in this video about the treasure and sacred inheritance that the Divine has hidden in you and everyone else in the world.

Divine Wisdom: Unity, Connection, Ascension, & Enlightenment

Tara Bianca shares about the expansion of consciousness in the ascension process or enlightenment journey, as well as the blessings of helping others and healing your own conflicts to bless yourself & humanity.

Tara Bianca at Vancouver Mindvalley Be Extraordinary Seminar 2019

3 Keys to the Sacred Importance of Friendships

Tara shares 3 keys to friendship!

Awakened Presence: Staying in the Power of You

Learn mindsets and tips on how to stay empowered and peacefully present in all circumstances.

Keeping Connection Alive in a Time of Social Distancing

What can you do to feel connected even when social distancing? Join us to find out some mindsets and tips to feeling peaceful and connected.

Empowered Empath: Embodying Peace & Love in Times of Global Crisis

Learn mindsets and strategies for staying in the power of peace and love during tough times

Feeling Annoyed With Someone?

Go into the uniqueness of others instead of getting annoyed. You’ll find relaxation and peace within yourself when you let go of judgment and embrace easeful acceptance of yourself and others.

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