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The Flower of Heaven – Book Trailer

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Video Notes

“The Flower of Heaven” by Tara Bianca is a deeply inspirational call to enter into Divine mentorship—to know our beauty, to love ourselves and others just as we are, no matter what has been done and no matter what lies we have believed about ourselves.

A mysterious wisdom within you has been beckoning you to open to Love and experience inner freedom. You are invited into the inner art of awakening the Divine heart through conscious friendship and the sacred path of love activism.

The Flower of Heaven is an experience of remembering who you are, why you are here, how to approach life, and how to playfully and consciously co-create loving relationships.

Tara offers an inspirational guide with simple ways to be in the power of you, while being at peace with others, and connecting deeply with the joy and radiant aliveness of life.

When you embody peace, you naturally radiate your inner beauty… blessing everyone around you.

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