Tara’s Journey:
Awakening Into Aliveness

Born on the East coast of Canada and now living on the West coast, Tara’s life was marked with many challenges.

When she was 6 years old, she became curious about the deeper questions of existence and God. Receiving no guidance from the adults around her, Tara felt deeply alone and disconnected. She turned her attention over to God and asked for direct mentorship.

As Tara grew in devotion to God throughout her life, she received Divine teachings and mentorship. At the same time, Tara experienced very traumatic experiences, harrowing tests, rights of passage, and challenging training.

At the age of 26, Tara experienced a profound state of awakening that radically changed the course of her life. It initially only lasted a few weeks, when she gave it up out of compassion for another person’s suffering. She dropped out of a state of Grace and suffered greatly for a few years. It took her a few years to begin to open again. Over the last 17 years she has been blessed with greater states of awareness and wisdom. Each stage of evolution has required deep integration.

Her transformation has provided her with a map to assist others to move from suffering to peace, love and harmony. Over the last 10 years, she has worked with clients and students to help them transform their lives, feel empowered and experience self-compassion and self-acceptance.

Three driving factors have contributed to my success: curiosity, receptivity and gratitude.

~Tara Bianca​

She recalls, “My life has been marked with a series of extreme ups and downs that have steadily been moving me on an upward spiral to open my heart to love the world unconditionally and to receive incredible blessings, as well as to embody a near persistent state of peace, joy and equanimity. My path in life has been weaving here and there in relationships, learning, adventures, and my spiritual development. At times it has been all over the map, but each step, each learning has always served the greater journey.

Three driving factors have contributed to my success: curiosity, receptivity and gratitude.

Whenever I’ve been stuck or I am ready for growth, I’ve asked questions. I’ve wondered and I have searched, trusting that solutions are out there.

Simultaneously, I am receptive to the solutions and answers and let them come to me. And the solutions and I come together like in a dance.

Then I celebrate with deep, humble appreciation and gratitude.”

Tara’s victories, opportunities, and blessings are all as a result of learning how to navigate through the challenges, heartaches, fears, disconnection, and trauma by surrendering to the mentorship of the Divine. She shares, “Everything and everyone has contributed to and has helped me to learn about life and open my loving heart, even the challenges, heartaches, disconnection, and dark nights of the soul.”

Today, Tara is a love activist, spiritual mentor and a speaker. She is known for her compassionate, unconditionally loving heart. She assists people to awaken their Divine Heart and to transform their consciousness and to embody presence and unconditional love. Tara knows the Divinity of each person she encounters. She frees them to explore life as they choose for themselves, while she invites them to choose to experience their own Divine beauty.