Tara Bianca

Tara Bianca

Transformational Coach & Hypnotherapist

About Tara

Tara Bianca is an international author and speaker, leader in transformation, clinical hypnotherapist, and a highly attuned empath, who has been instrumental in assisting people elevate their consciousness.

She combines over 20 years of research, teaching, speaking and private coaching experience with expertise in healing the mind, body, and soul to help people revolutionize their life for success. Tara’s clients have included professionals, entrepreneurs, creatives, couples, expecting parents, children and Academy Award-nominated actors.

Her multidisciplinary approach guides people through quantum shifts to access their ability to create a life from an entirely different level of consciousness and to be a source of inspiration for others in the world. She writes and teaches about transformation, spirituality, consciousness, stress management, health & wellness, biohacking, neurohacking, nutrition and pregnancy.

Conditions addressed: Marriage or relationship issues, break ups, low self esteem, kids, children, teens, bullying, fears, phobias, anxiety, PTSD, ADD, ADHD, loss of a loved one, obsessions, habits, weight issues, weight loss, sexual issues (porn, impotency, premature ejaculation), fear of public speaking, health conditions, low energy, and more.

Achieving goals: Attracting money, increasing sales, eliminating blocks to success, passing exams, building self esteem, success mentality, positive thinking/living, conscious responsibility, and any goal you’d like to achieve.

Achieve Amazing Results


People are often amazed at how just after one session they feel a shift in their well-being. Tara offers rapid transformational technique hypnotherapy (RTT) and whole life coaching sessions that support you in removing the blockages that prevent you from experiencing a life of abundance, joy, love, and peace in the areas of business, relationships, health, and wellness.

Tara’s hypnotherapy and life coaching sessions assist you to: 

  • dissolve the blockages that keep you in a place of suffering
  • release old patterns and create a life of abundance, love & peace
  • learn tools & effective solutions to assist you to reach your full potential
  • live an intentional & extraordinary life of joy
  • discover your passion & life purpose
  • discover your greatest gifts

Working With Tara

Healing at the deepest level begins with a willingness to delve into the places of ourselves that we are most fearful.

Insightful, compassionate, and loving, Tara guides her clients to heal emotional conflicts, the shadow aspects that are calling out to be healed for each person’s evolution, as well as humanity’s. Her intuitive and creative guidance assists people on their epic journey to heal emotional & spiritual conflicts and to live an extraordinary life and to awaken to a deeper experience of Self.

Tara lives between Sea & Rainforest at the foot of the North Shore Mountains in beautiful Vancouver, BC, Canada. She is available for in person or skype sessions worldwide.


Tara Bianca
Clinical Hypnotherapist, Certified “Marisa Peer Method” Master Therapist & Rapid Transformation Technique Hypnotherapist (RTT), Simpson Protocol Hypnotherapist, EFT & Faster EFT Practitioner,  Accelerated Evolution Practitioner, GNM (German New Medicine) Practitioner, Nutritional Coach

Ready for change?

Are you uncertain what you want to do with your life?

Have you been experiencing blockages or difficulties in one or more areas of your life?

Do you wonder why you feel hopeless?

Do you experience negative thoughts, such as self doubt, self criticism, or judgment?

Do you believe that you are not good enough for your family, friends, business, or life itself?

Are you interested in a life of abundance, joy, love, and peace?

Are you looking for guidance on your epic journey?

Are you looking for practical solutions and tools that you can apply to your life?

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