Keeping Connection Alive in a Time of Social Distancing

What can you do to feel connected even when social distancing? Join us to find out some mindsets and tips to feeling peaceful and connected.

Video Notes

What can you do to feel connected even when social distancing? Join us to find out some mindsets and tips to feeling peaceful and connected.

Video Transcript

So, Bianca, how are you? I’m doing great. Enjoying the sunshine today? Oh, amazing. Did you happen to go outside today or like on the seawall or anything?

I walked into the forest just in my local neighborhood with my son and a friend and her daughter. And I just wanted to spend some social distancing, connecting time. Nice.

And did you did you do this, like, six meters apart?

Or you actually watched, like, where sometimes they had to close behind, sometimes to the side or whatever else. We’re climbing up on some rocks. We were staggered and in a single file most of the time. Right. Did you see other people enjoying this time as well?

There are other people there were some kids that are in a day camp. They were in the forest as well. And we just kind of running around the forest and there are a few people rock climbing, so.

I think it’s a great way, actually, to spend time social distancing and get outside and and enjoy, you know, the fresh air, the breeze blow through you. Right. Yeah, for sure, I think that going outside and getting 15 minutes of cardio or just enjoying the sunshine is is a cure honestly, for anything I find. As long as you’re bundled up. Yeah, I find that I’ve been doing a lot of traveling this past month.

And for me, I still I know I just want to adventure and I love to wander so I don’t let much stop me important during this time.

It’s really important for people to not necessarily stay indoors, to get outside, even if you’re by yourself outside and actually connect with nature. Connecting with humans is wonderful, but if you don’t feel comfortable walking with a friend, just go outside and connect with nature. Like really you can connect at such a deep level and and really step into a forest or into a park and and ask for nature to connect with you or for you to connect with nature. And what’s also interesting is I’ve done this many times.

I’ve been able to connect from here all the way across the world to other parts. I’ve been able to connect with the Amazon forest just just being in my own neighborhood and even in my own home. And and so being able to connect is is something that we know through quantum physics that whether it’s a human being across the world or in nature across the world or even a human being, even a few blocks away, we can connect within our hearts and we can really stay in that place of of staying open and and truly connected to people.

This is true I have found in and experiences for me that have challenged my need for certainty and my knowledge of the world as I know it, I found that when I ask experiences like challenging experiences are like the spirit or essence of things that bring me anxiety or bring me depression or bring me into sadness, which is out of the present. I find that when I ask for healing or I ask for presents or I ask for help with something I’ve never been able to figure out or solve or eliminate from my life is something that distract me, take me away from what I need to be doing.

I find that when when it’s when it’s in a place of uncertainty, when it’s in times of possibility and amazing things can happen, that that you never thought because you’re just kind of being open to the flow as opposed to trying to control the flow with rocks and sticks and everything. And it’s really interesting you mention the Amazon because I was reviewing my dream journal and yes, I keep a dream journal because and it’s right here because I found that I don’t want to reach for my phone first thing in the morning.

I want to reach for my phone for something document like these dreams, because I’m really into dream theory. I’ve had five dreams, five in the past month, and all of them have taken place in the Amazon. Wow. Never been to the Amazon.

I’ve never even thought about really going in my life seriously at all. Like, I just I know it’s there. I know it’s important. I know it’s the heart of our planet. I know it’s resourceful. I know it’s bountiful. I know it’s also scary and dangerous for for a lot of people and this part of the world to venture there. But I’ve been having these dreams and I don’t know what it means. But it’s been very interesting as as someone who is so tapped into the divine, what do you make of that?

Well, my first response was going to be what? What is it? Where’s the energy in these dreams? That’s when I’m really curious about in in the theme of of all of them. Five, what stands out for you the most? Like what what draws your attention? What’s the most energetic part of those dreams?

Well, I think honestly, a lot of the dreams, what’s happening when I’m when I’m in the Amazon and these dreams and I and I am there, it’s not just like something I’m thinking about meta in a meta way, but. I guess usually what’s happening is I’m I’m safe, like I have a feeling of being safe in there, whereas I find that in my waking life, like right now, when I think about actually going to the Amazon rainforest, I picture it as an incredibly daunting physically taxing and a place that would be quite challenging to go and would probably threaten my life in a number of ways which deter me consciously from making the decision to go even in the near future or even in my life, which is something I’m not proud to admit because I like to think of myself as someone open and adventurous and about anything.

Yeah. Yeah. So what’s it like where you’re coming from?

Go if you if you’re getting the sense of safety and especially with something that that’s perceived as being wild or dangerous and so know right now we’re going through this whole coronavirus thing, which is like wild and dangerous to. Right. And so if something is speaking through your dreams for something that you also perceive as wild and dangerous and it’s letting you know know you’re safe from this place of because when we first just began speaking, you you started to mention about anxiety and that sort of thing.

And so if some part of you is informing you that you can just relax and you can do whatever needs to be done to ensure your you feel feel well, your immunities boosted your social distancing and a whole bunch of other things that you’re safe, that you’re OK in in everything. And then on another level, on an Amazonian type of level, I’ve been to the Amazon and what I am and what I can share with you about the Amazon. I was there last last summer and if I can fly this summer, I’m going back there again next week.

What I can say is that the Amazon for me was the probably felt safer than me going into my local forest. And it felt safer because I though there were so many people in the village where I was, and they’re they’re often aware of what’s going on. And you’re with a group of people, like I felt so much more connected, whereas if I go in the forest by myself here than I, I as a woman, I still am aware of, that’s all women tend to be is like aware of your own physical body as a woman when you go into a space alone where you might encounter a man who’s also alone and that sort of thing.

And not that it’s a big deal for me that I think about this or too much or anything. But it is something that women tend to be aware of when they go walking alone in forests where when I was an Amazon, I felt so safe and we were with a group of 20 women.

And the only physical thing that transpired that was dangerous while we were there was one woman got bit to her stone by a bullet and in her thumb and her her hands swelled up and part of her arm swelled up.

But because we were with a pudgy, which is like a local shaman who is basically is basically the library of all of the knowledge of what medicines to use for what he you walked into the forest and a couple of minutes later he came back out and he had this one leaf and he squeezed it. It was fairly dry, but he squeezed a little bit of juice out onto that point where she had been stung. And then her arm and her hands swelling, swelling went down.

And it was like, you know, like magic, like faith, healing or something.


But he knew exactly what the antidote was for this and how to heal it because they rely on this. And these pages are you know, they’re over 60 years old and they have so much wisdom. That’s that’s what they do. That’s the whole purpose, is to learn about the plant medicines. And and these plants teach them in such profound ways. They reveal information to them. And they they are a repository of where these plants are, what they do in the multiple uses of these plants.

And we’re talking thousands of plants. And, you know, as as they get older, they learn more and more. And as they talk to other pages, open up wisdom into certain areas that maybe they haven’t experienced before. And they have pages the. Lived over one hundred years, and when they die, the whole library is going with them and it’s and so someone who is about 60 years old or seven years old or 80 years old, they have different levels of of of knowledge that they have stored within them.

And and so it’s really important for, you know, with with these indigenous tribes for them to pass that wisdom on so that they can access whatever they need to access from the fourth. Right. Wow, I love that story, that’s I you know, I’ve heard so much about how the pages and medicine people and are all carrying the wisdom of what I’ve heard termed the Library of Alexandria. So the kind of the wisdom that’s omnipotent, that’s omnipresent and that’s omniscient.

So all knowing, all seeing, all being or. Yeah, I think I think that’s it.

I’d have to get a refresher. But I guess where I wanted to definitely take this conversation is. Is that you are a love activist, you are an author and you are a mentor, and so as someone who has, you made an exceptional stand for yourself in mentoring and writing about and speaking about love and also and opening your heart. I really want to know in this time where. You know, sometimes myself and others I know who would be watching this and what would you say in this time when the news is saying that the markets are in an unrecoverable slump and where, you know, toilet paper is becoming scarce and where, you know, people don’t know where to put their kids and people don’t know where their next check is going to come from?

You know what? Like what can we do to temper the feeling of anxiety, which, as I’m sure we both know, is really the source of further sickness and further health risks and further threats to our life, right?

Yes, definitely. I mean, friends who are feeling very anxious and concerned and uncertain. And we’re going into a time that, of course, is unknown, but the truth is, is every moment is unknown to us. But the mind itself has this relationship with familiarity. And so when something is familiar, it feels more comfortable. Yeah. So what’s really important is to become familiar with something as quickly as possible to ease the mind, because we’re not the mind and it’s the mind.

That is, any time you’re feeling anxious, any time you’re feeling sad, depressed, angry or any type of conflict of emotion and you feel your physical body reacting to it, it’s because of a lie that you’re telling yourself. Or the lie that your mind is telling you and interesting, often what happens is we don’t realize that because so many people perceive that the thinking that comes within them is is them. And they associate themselves with that thinking, those are my thoughts.

Then what happens is we have a perception. I’m anxious. I’m I’m angry. I’m scared when it’s really the mind that is feeling anxious. And so there’s a lot of things you can do. One is getting the mind familiar with new circumstances, just like you. If you had a child and you were like, OK, this is what’s going on and you talk to your mind, they’re like, listen, I’m in charge. I know what’s going on.

This is what’s going on. You’re OK because I’ve got this. You can talk to your mom like that. Your mind will be like, oh, thank goodness. Because what happens is, especially if somebody doesn’t help with somebody typically anxious, because then circumstances like this can really throw things in overdrive. But to be able to get into a place where you recognize that your mind is very much like, let’s say you own a dog. And if anyone is familiar with the dog whisperer or TV show or books or whatever you go is in a trained dog owners how to be a pack leader so that their dogs can feel calm and submissive in the face of having someone that leads because a high interest dog and most dogs should never.

Well, dog shouldn’t be the leader of a human family. That’s really what’s going on. And so it’s really easy to step up and say, OK, I’m the leader and I’m going to show you that I’m the leader and is the same. Our mind is like having a dog. It’s not meant to be the leader of our life. We are meant to be the leader of our life. Yeah, my mind is there as a tool. And the sooner that people can realize that the mind is not you and you are not the mind, it’s it’s an aspect just like the you’re not the body.

One day you’re going to lead the body and move on into another experience, potentially come back into another body if you believe in reincarnation. But at minimum, you’re you’re going to go on to another experience and lead the body. And the body is a vehicle. It’s a gift for you to be able to move into this realm. And the mind itself is also a gift for you because it’s actually doing incredible amount of work on your behalf. It is both retaining information so you don’t have to relearn things.

So you could ride a bike in your subconscious mind, remembers how to ride a bike. You’ll have to relearn it every time you get on that bike. The other thing that happens with the mind is that it will remember every single situation around. One thing, it just I mean, it remembers everything, but it will very quickly categorize and group things and it will create a story or a program based on those things. Yeah. So what happens is that it can run and do its own thing at the same time.

The mind if we don’t, we give it a lot of power because we don’t realize it’s not us and we’re not it. And, and it starts to kind of like run these programs and we’re like, OK. And we respond to these programs that are running. We actually believe it. Yeah, yeah, yeah. And then what happens is the mind itself thinks it has to be in charge. And any time you go into an anxious state, it’s because the mind is in charge but doesn’t know how to be in charge.

Yeah. And so it’s freaking out. And so the moment you can actually come back into your power and realize, oh, wait, I’ve got this, no matter what’s going on, I’m OK. And, and you can tell your mind. Listen, I have this. Your mind can actually go into a relaxed state. And so one of the best things when there’s volatility of the economy and there’s uncertainty or there’s volatility even within your own emotional beingness, there’s volatility around working or not working or what am I going to do here?

Uncertainty in those areas is to basically first and foremost say, you know what, all of this is temporary.


This time this isn’t forever. OK, good. Because that’s when you when people go into the future state, they’re like, oh, it’s forever. Like, I’m going to be stuck forever. I’m going to be unemployed forever. I’m going to be whatever forever. I’m not going to have toilet paper forever. And which is OK because there is a technology can use cold water and you can wash it, but with some water and water, the days people, they clean better, apparently.


The shower if you need to. And then I’m back in the day. We didn’t have to like toilet paper is a new technology. It’s not like something that we’ve always had as human beings. And so certainly we can go you can have a picture of water beside the toilet. You can use that and rinse and wash and things like that. So there are other things that people can do. And this is you know, I’m kind of joking in a way, but at the same time or is about getting creative and it’s like, OK, well, if I don’t have to go before I do, OK, I can figure that out, maybe go online, Google it.

I’m sure there must be a video up there about what do you do when you don’t go deeper and when you can figure it out and make a video and educate everybody else at the same time.

So Googling it a little bit right now.

Oh, good. So part of it is getting into a place where you tell the mind this is temporary. I’m not the only one in this situation, this might be an opportunity for me to ask for help, might be an opportunity to help others, and then also to let them know that you are actually resourceful and capable. And that you’ve got it. And you getting it, you having it can mean you just be like, yeah, well, I if I need help from someone, you can help me.

I’m going to phone them. But doesn’t it doesn’t mean you’re not capable. If you have to phone for help or for something, it means you’re capable that, you know, if you need help to call for help so that your mind isn’t panicking or worrying. But if something else, if it’s like, OK, well, you know what? I need to be able to make money at this time, get creative to make money if it means that you’re feeling anxious or depressed, making sure you’re eating nourishing, nutrient dense foods and that you’re resting and that you’re getting outside getting fresh air and sunshine.

If you need to spend time with people, if you’re one of those people that you feel absolutely malnourished, if you don’t if you’re not interacting with people socially, get on zoo and hang out with your friends, have a cup of tea hanging out on Zouma or something like that, you know, like we’re doing today. We’re hanging out having a chat. Yeah. And so and you can really feel like you’re connected because you can see the person and talk with them if you’re comfortable going out in public outside for a walk and maintaining a certain distance from your friend, but being able to talk and walk or even silently walk just to be able to be with someone, then, you know, it’s it’s not like you have to talk when you when you meet up with people, you can go hiking in.

One of you can be in front of the other one behind, or you can walk somewhere where you can walk with enough distance between the two of you. And if it’s a nice breezy day, you know, if you’re both feeling well, it doesn’t have to be a huge distance between you and the person. We’re fortunate because we’re on the ocean, so we get a bit of an ocean breeze that flows through it.

Yeah, we’re spoiled. We have a lot of sunshine, but lately we’ve been getting some good sunshine.

Yeah. Tomorrow, I think next week it’s going to be a lot of rain and whistler it’s going to be a lot of snow. So there’s that. And you know, it’s interesting what you say, like when when when commodities, things that we’re used to having around us, like plentiful food, like toilet paper, whatever, when these when these commodities, these things that we take for granted around us disappear, such as our workplace, you know, things that we go to every day when all that slows down and the gears actually come to a grinding halt is when either a scarcity mentality can come in or a growth mentality can come in.

And I’m sure you can talk a lot about that, because I’ve just been noticing that, you know, there there’s so much opportunity for the economy to pivot in a way that’s not necessarily office space, that’s not necessarily commanding the majority of the workforce to go physically and be somewhere physically and do things like that. There’s going to be a lot of bailouts, I’m sure, happening. I know that the hotel industry wants like a one hundred and fifty million dollar bailout in the airline industry, wants like a fifty million dollar bailout, because these are industries that are seriously becoming burdened.

But I’m also seeing a lot of people who are already digitally savvy or have just wanted and waited for that moment to launch their own online digital business, selling, I don’t know, natural hand sanitizers. So really countering the Purell lobbyists, you know, people who also, you know, maybe they want to create alternatives or work in a company that that, you know, manufacturers and all natural solution for disrupting the toilet paper industry. And so it’s these interesting things that are emerging out of the woodwork that are like, hey, why don’t you take a business digital?

Why don’t you do that in a world where you don’t know if a pandemic will interrupt you economically? And so I found this really interesting and I’m curious. Maybe maybe you can speak to this more, I know that we definitely wanted to touch base on your book, The Flower of Heaven, and I wanted to know in this book, it was only released recently, wasn’t it? And I would love to know more about what this book can share or teach us at this very time in this uncertain future.

We don’t know when the school and we don’t know what we’ll what the future will hold really and what we can be certain of. But what this tell us more about your book and and what what it can equip us with in the future right now.

So my book is called A Flower of Heaven, and it’s really all about conscious friendship and love activism. And so I love such an important topic. Yeah, just friendship, because we are actually being asked in a way with this coronavirus and and not just the coronavirus. So much that’s happening around the world, both with the Amazon going through a lot of the problems. It’s going through Australia having incredible forest fires and really the the the ice melting in the Arctic, in the Antarctic in rapid amount of time.

And those are just those are just key places where we’re having some issues happening. And there’s lots of social issues that are happening around the world. There’s a lot of enslavement that still exists. There’s a lot of people who in the United States and in other places in the world, in developing countries, especially where there there’s a lot of poverty, people that still don’t get clean drinking water in the world, even in large established countries. And so this book is really all about turning your attention, first and foremost to to really beginning to open your heart to yourself and nourish yourself in whatever ways that you need to be nourished, to be able to to to open up in a really deep way, in a meaningful way.

Where you used to start to begin to really tap into deep connection with your family and friends and then extending it out into your immediate community, your neighborhood, your city, state or province that you live in and then out beyond into your country and then into the world as much as you can. And not everybody can do everything. But it’s it’s about beginning to do small steps of connecting within your own very, very personal relationships and working together with your friends.

And I’m seeing more and more people begin to do this where you actually like, OK, I’m going to get together a group of my my girlfriends or my guy friends or whatever, and we’re going to actually volunteer together to do something to help other people in the world or in our community. And it makes it so much. What more fun it makes it so much more adventuresome, it makes it so much more meaningful to share those types of things, and there’s some people that they do it with their family or with their teenagers.

They’ll volunteer with their teenagers and get out and do it as a family, active service together. But it can be simply their outward looking things you can do. And then there’s inward things that you can do that can create this level of connection. And right now, we’re in a time where we’re not necessarily getting out physically to do things in some ways, but we can do some really important things that can create an enormous connection between people. And one of those those things, one of the most important things is doing what’s called a meta practice, where you can pray for people, you can pray for your friends, you can pray for all sentient beings.

And so a practice is one of the first spiritual practices I ever learned. It was very young. It’s going through a really huge time where I felt incredibly anxious and depressed and suicidal ideations. And I met this man at a really pivotal time. I was going through a crazy spiritual things all by myself because I didn’t have anybody to teach me anything at the time. I was so young. There was no Internet, there were no spiritual teachers where I live there nothing.

And I was so fortunate. This man just happened to be a spiritual practitioner. He meditated. He had a spiritual teacher you way more than I did. And so he gave me some really sage advice and he told me, you’re going through a spiritual awakening. It’s not what you think it is. It feels negative to you. You don’t really know what it is, but you’re going through a spiritual awakening. Which helped me go, oh, this is not I was attached to someone who did something negative and it was torturing me and and his perspective, like, no, this is not that at all.

It’s something very different. Right. Allowed for me to go, OK, and we can just coronavirus we can see that in that way, too. It’s like it may look one way to all of us. Yeah. It’s not what it is. It’s yes, it has that flavor on the on the surface. But there’s something deeper that’s happening right now. And so just like when I went through this spiritual craziness in my life as a young person and I have this man come and say it’s not what you think it is.

That’s what I’m saying to people right now. It’s not what you think. It is something profound that’s happening right now and it’s something calling to awaken us. The other thing he said is. When this these energies come up, do a practice and the practice is very simple, you can look it up on the Internet. Basically, it’s rare that something like this and doesn’t have to be exactly like this. Where does something like this and I say just have to.

Exactly. Because you can modify it to what you what you feel comfortable praying for other people for. But basically you do come out of practice first for yourself, if you can. And you and you blessed yourself if you are feeling a lack of self love and start with somebody you love, that you know you love and you have a great admiration for. And so you when you do this prayer, if you start with someone you love, you would say, may my mother and father be free of suffering, may they have physical wellness, mental wellness, and they know love and peace or maybe a body of love and peace or something.

And you can anything that’s really beautiful for someone, that’s the prayer you can say. And then you say it for someone else and you really start to feel it for somebody really, really love. Then say it for yourself. If you if that’s an issue for you, if you don’t have a lot of self-love and then say that prayer for yourself and then say it for your neighborhood and then say it for your community and then out into your into the world for all sentient beings, not just humans, but also for animals, plants, all sentient beings that are that exist.

And when you do this, when you’re praying for other people, you automatically cannot be in a place of anxiety or depression or anything like that because you’re all you’re feeling is, is the are these prayers. And so as you feel these prayers for others, you’re blessing yourself. Even if you don’t even say a prayer for yourself, you’re still blessing yourself.

And what happens is as you as you go into a state of relaxation while you’re praying and actually you’re really energizing your body with these prayers, you’re your DNA relaxes. And when your DNA relaxes, then then it actually replicates in healthy ways and it helps to prevent disease. But as you relax, what happens is your nervous system also relaxes. And when your nervous system is relaxed, all of your organs, all the functions of your body are operating optimally or as often as possible, depending on what’s going on, going on in your body.

But it provides this beautiful. Really, it’s kind of like a type of nourishment, and if you’ve been in an anxious state or if you’ve been in a depressed or whatever state, then it really helps you to have a pause from it and a type of holiday from the from the anxiety. Wow, I’m already comes from you just sharing that I’m just like, oh, are you like, wow, like I could just sit here and just think about that all day honestly, because, I mean, what else is there time rushing me to do?

Is there time crunches? Are there deadlines? No, I mean, they’re just there isn’t really that anymore. And the universe has provided that either as a punishment or as a gift, depending on how you look at it. So thank you for that. Thank you for all these amazing and lovely reminders. And I know that we wanted to wrap this up at a 40 minute mark, but I want to honor that. I also want to honor a really interesting question that was posed in the Facebook comments by a Ross Wilson.

And it was basically how do you manage mob mentality as it permeates through our society in the shadows of the pandemic? So maybe wanted to quickly address that and then we could we could wrap up. Sure.

This is a really important question because I know people around me who are feeling an intense fear and also an intense sadness. So think people are really feeling and even people who are heavily impacted are feeling it. And I know children who are feeling it to. You know, there’s one of the most important things we can do if we have children, first and foremost is to let them know this is temporary and we’re all going to be fine. There are going to be some people who are affected in ways and everyone’s doing the best they can and they want to basically be reassured.

So it’s really important to the kids and not to have the news playing when kids are around because they don’t have a filter and they don’t have a greater perspective. They all they hear is like, oh, my God, people are dying. Am I going to die? Are you going to die? And then they get freaked out and it’s unnecessary to have kids freaked out. But it’s important for us to mentor them and role model, a calm environment, which means turn the television off.

You don’t need to you can go on to to the news at any point and you will get the update for that day. It’s not like you have to sit and wait for an update or you can go to any website that has the news and they will constantly have updates. So you can go have fun with your kids. If you’re at home with your kids, go do something amazing and fun outside or games with them or do whatever else and check in every hour or every five hours for updates.

It’s not like we need to know every hour even.

And to be more calm, to like to have the news off is important. Now, when it comes time to mob mentality and everything else, there’s something I teach people. This is really powerful and it’s in my book, The Flower of Heaven. And I highly recommend putting this practice into place not just for the corona virus, but for any for your life in general. And this this practice will rewire your brain. It will change your mind and your consciousness.

It’s called freedom from influence.

And already the title is like, that is freedom. But how do I be free of the influence of mob mentality or the KAHRAMAN virus or even my own personal fears that my own negative self talk, not just other people know.

It’s like maybe it’s triggered my own fears of mortality. And so how do I remain free of the influence of that and feeling anxious? And so the most important thing about this freedom from influence is to every single day is to practice it for five to seven minutes. And what you do is you basically say it’s an open meditation. You have your eyes open, you pick a point across from you, but you take in the whole field as much as you can see and hear in the space in your room.

And then you just say accept the room as it is. And what that means is that you’re not going to expect the room to all of a sudden magically be the color orange, if you want it to be orange, you have to go out and get some paint painted and then make it orange. You’re not going to exploit the room to do it. And this sets up the mind for for acceptance of what is the first stage to accept the room as it is.

The next thing you say is I choose to free the world from my influence, meaning I’m not going to expect the coronavirus not to to exist because it does I’m not going to expect for people to not panic because people are going to panic. I’m not going I’m not going to judge people because people are hoarding because guess what? They’re going to do it anyway. So what happens is that the divine gift, every single person with free will, which means everybody can do whatever they want within reason because we as a society have rules and everything else.

And we have certainly we have a moral standards, but those are going to be imposed upon anyone. So everyone gets to choose whether it means they murder people, whether they hoard toilet paper or whether they help somebody or whether they self isolate or don’t self isolate. So everyone gets free will. And so if you can understand that and if you can go, everyone gets to choose. So everyone can honor that. Everyone has the right to choose.

It doesn’t mean we have to like their choice, it doesn’t mean that we have to agree with it. And it doesn’t mean as a society that we’re just going to let people murder people or anything like that. That’s not what it means, what it means. If somebody does something like that.

Instead of having a judgment and an expectation that just drains you. That you have an acceptance that they’ve chosen, that it doesn’t mean you can’t be part of the solution, doesn’t mean that you that you don’t have your own preference or standards or morality or anything like that, it just be the acknowledgement they’ve chosen. So when you say I choose to free them from my influence, meaning. My judgment and expectation freeing them from the. Because every one of us have made mistakes.

Every one of us have made choices that have been harmful for ourselves and for other people in our lifetime. Is going to people are going to keep doing those types of things. We’re getting into a place where we can free everyone else from our influence allows for us to then and only then be able to choose to be free of the influence of everyone else. And what I mean by this is. Whatever rule we apply to someone else, meaning they shouldn’t be able to choose that they shouldn’t be able to do that or whatever, or having a judgment about them, like, oh, they’re a terrible person for doing that, or they should be ashamed of themselves.

What happens is your own mind will apply the same rules to you, which if you make a mistake, your mind will be so hard on you. And so if you expect others to not make mistakes or poor or have poor judgment, your mind is tracking everything you’re doing and will make you miserable with self judgment, shame, self blame. If you have any of those things, I’m telling you, it’s because you have expectation and judgment for everybody else in the world and your mind’s going, OK, we’re playing this game, we’re doing the judging and we’re doing the blame game.

And it will be so hard on you because especially the harder you are with everyone else, the harder your mind is going to be with you. And so when you free everyone else and you make that choice and it’s important to say I choose because the mind is paying attention. Whenever you say the word choose, it’s how you actually come into your power and get the mind on board for you. Things I choose X, Y, Z, so I choose to free the world from my influence.

Then you retain the right to be free of the influence of the world, and only then your mind will let you be free and the universe will let you be free. University be to you judging people you’re expecting from other people. The universe is like, OK, she’s playing the game of judgement and blame. And so that’s what’s going to come back in a very strong way. And so when you free everyone else and you make that choice, then the universe in your own mind can free you begin to free you from the influence of the world.

And then when you get into that statement, then you can basically say, I choose to free myself from the influence of my own mind. Once you start to establish freedom from expectation and judgment, now, if your mind comes up and says, well, who do you think you are or you shouldn’t have done it that way, or people are going to reject you because of this, you can simply say to your mind, I choose to be free of the influence of that idea.

Not my idea. It’s not my idea. It’s that idea is the idea that the mind is generating based on what it thinks you want to hear. Yeah, right, because you’ve spent a lot of time judging or expecting or whatever else and even a lot of time even generating expectation, judgment on yourself based on every all the other influence you’ve taken on from throughout your life. And so what’s happening with mob mentality is. A lot of energy that’s similar is coming together and everybody’s kind of moving in certain directions with it around emotions and decisions and everything else, so to be free of the influence of that energy means you free them all from you free them first.

And then you can be free of that influence and even you can do this even with emotions like you can say, I choose to free myself from the influence of your. And then you retain the right or to actually even free, free for fear from your influence, meaning that you’re not going to judge your and then you can retain the right to be free of the influence of fear. And if somebody is fearful, if you can free them to be fearful, then you can be free to not be fearful.

Right, and now this practice is simple, it only takes five to seven minutes, but after you make these important statements, then what you do is you just sit and you allow whatever thoughts to rise, rise, what you choose to be free of the influence of them as a standing order. And then for two minutes, you just sit and you feel the body. And if a thought comes up, you just go back to feeling the body.

And then if you want to go into an hour long meditation or half hour meditation, from that point, you you establish established freedom for influence, which will make your meditation so much deeper. And then the last thing is, as you move through the world, if you’re out in the public or you’re doing anything at home, even in a negative judgment, comes up about somebody else, you can you can immediately say to your mind, I choose to free them from my influence.

Yes. And then you’re mentoring your mind and in what you are choosing and then let’s say somebody comes up, you feel influenced by them, you can choose to free myself from their influence. And if you have a negative thought about yourself, you just say, I choose to free myself from the influence of that idea. Nice. Yeah, yeah, I can say that that is it’s not always it’s not always a simple process. They’re not always an easy process, but it’s a deeply rewarding process, just reflecting on how you use that and physicians of those statements.

So thank you. Thank you so much for Bianca.

Pleasure. Yeah. Yeah.

Thank you for an incredibly empowering and incredibly clearing and a really profound conversation, especially, you know, to make time for it in this in the time where we could just wrap ourselves up in our own isolated balls of ego and really kind of separate ourselves from each other and socially distance. It’s really nice that we can still connect and maybe even seek to connect in deeper ways that it could disrupt the technology industry. No, it’s to actually make technology a real hotbed for seeing how we can connect deeper in technology and really, you know, disrupt stereotypes and ideas that people have about that, about the digital infrastructure, not catering to that.

So thank you so much. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Every time I’ve interacted with you has always been in a way where I feel I feel rejuvenated and I feel healed just after interacting with you, you know, as a friend and a fellow human on this planet. So I really, really appreciate you taking the time and answering questions and just having a nice little chat with me. A virtual coffee or tea or water. Thank you so much, Tara Avianca.

My pleasure.

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