Who is Chosen for Enlightenment?

Tara Bianca shares beautiful wisdom in this video about who enlightenment is for and how one is chosen for enlightenment.

Video Notes

Divine Ascension Wisdom MASTERCLASS: Tara Bianca shares beautiful wisdom in this video about who enlightenment is for and how one is chosen for enlightenment. Someone asked her, “How does God decide who will receive or find enlightenment?” Find out what she shares!

Interested in connecting with the Mystery? Connecting with the Divine? Tara reveals ways that you can begin to access revelation and personal connection with the Mystery. This wisdom teaching is a clue to your personal spiritual development and ascension. Get curious! What is this Mystery? How does it inform me?

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Video Transcript

All right, so we have a very interesting discussion and teaching today. So I’ll be teaching today based on a question someone asked me, how does God decide who will receive or find enlightenment?

And so I really love this question. And this question goes to the heart of the curiosity of those who are curious about God and God’s involvement in this, but also in that their curious about enlightenment, sometimes even what it is and how to get there. And so this is a really deep question.

And some people may not even ask the question in relationship to the Divine. And so I’m going to begin addressing this question right off the bat around the divines involvement. And so, when it comes to enlightenment, it is not the Divine who decides who finds enlightenment or becomes enlightened in a way that people think.

So if you follow the Buddhist path often there’s no connection between God –what we may consider God — and Enlightenment. And so in the Buddhist path, they actually teach you to experiment and to put into practice the teachings that the Buddha has given us, this Holy being, of course, that’s given us to put into practice. And so there are many paths to enlightenment, in my point of view.

There are many paths I’ve even taken. So I’ve gone very different routes to access, very different blessings and levels of enlightenment. And so there are just like there are close to eight billion or eight billion people. There are eight billion paths to enlightenment, or one could even say eight billion paths to God. So one of the key things when it comes to enlightenment and whether or not you go on the path to Enlightenment in a conscious way or whether you become enlightened in this lifetime or begin the Enlightenment process really depends first and foremost on your willingness.

That’s the primary starting point in a lot of ways, however, this willingness may not even be apparent to yourself. So the very deep soul level, you have, this beautiful connection with your Higher self. And your higher self is guiding and illuminating things as best as possible to you. If you shut down from your higher self — that which is your pure, enlightened, awakened state — you’re already done, by the way. You’re already fully enlightened. So there’s no choosing who gets enlightened first or whatever else.

Everyone is already in their enlightened state at the highest level. It’s in this existence, in this human experience where we come into the integration with our own higher self and accessing the state of enlightenment, we are already in. So that’s that’s really important to understand. And so the recognition, number one, that you are a divine being and your divine state is absolutely pure. And the holy text talk about this. There’s no end to you. There’s no damaging you.

There’s no destroying you. You are forever in the eternal nowness of existence. And awakening to that is, is enlightenment awakening to the truth of who you are.

That’s enlightenment. So who awakens to the truth of who they are? There are so many factors that go into it. So one of those things is karma. When you interact with others in harmful ways, you cause harm to other people. You block your ability to access that which is pure. And so what’s really fascinating is that we are the ones that choose our awakening. And so we could be even stuck and I’ve seen this before with a lot of people where whatever it is that is unresolved within them, the conflicts that are unresolved within them keeps them from accessing this state of divinity.

And that state of divinity is a very pure state. And when the mind is corrupted by lies, whether it’s the belief ‘I’m not good enough’ or the belief that ‘there’s something wrong with me’ or that ‘I’m evil’ or the belief that ‘everybody else is evil’ and whatever else, anger or projection, judgment, depression, you know, any type of rage, frustration with the world, with yourself, with others, belief that the people aren’t good enough, there’s something wrong with them.

All these types of traumas that puts you into an emotional conflict state, those things lock you from being able to access the truth of who you are in your divinity. So when they come up, what’s really important is to be in a place of absolute responsibility. One hundred percent responsibility. You want to become enlightened, want to be in remembrance of your enlightened divinity, then one hundred percent responsibility. Any time you feel a contracted state, it’s your responsibility.

It’s not your fault. We’re not talking about fault, not shame or anything else, because shame and bring you out of your awakened state. It is your responsibility when you take responsibility. And this is challenging for people. If you don’t know how to do this, contact me and come and have sessions with me. Taking one hundred percent responsibility, no matter what is going on around you and your interactions with people and everything else for your state. of consciousness during that time is a is one hundred percent imperative.

Now, I’m not saying that people aren’t responsible for their actions, absolutely every single person is responsible, whether they recognize it or not, if they don’t recognize their responsibilities, then they get stuck and they they contribute to chaos in the world. They contribute to chaos within themselves, which is just reflected in the world. So. What’s really beautiful is you can you can absolutely have the help of the divine and holy beings to assist you to become awakened to the beauty and the divinity of who you are.

And all you need to do is ask for help in a very sincere way. Paired with behaving in ways that show and demonstrate and create security within your life. And so if you’re attacking people, if you’re talking poorly about people, you’re attacking yourself, if you’re making choices that harm yourself, if you contribute to polluting to the to the earth, consciously polluting to the earth, making choice to do that, if you if you pollute your own energy field, if you if you spend time with people who are corrupt within their own energy.

If you participate in behaviors that lower your energy and create lies within yourself, these things could be participating in and using drugs recreationally and or overeating can also be watching your films or listening to music that’s really violent. Participating in any type of violence is really a type of energy that can pollute your energy and keep you block you from being conscious. Now, it’s not to say that you have to avoid negative people. I’m not saying that because there’s there everywhere.

There are lots of negative people in the world. And the the world we live in is a kind of a temporary, insane asylum. And and all of us have varying degrees of insanity. And sanity is is is happening because people believe, I absolutely believe lies about themselves. They believe in the illusion rather than believing a truth. And the number one truth is, is that you are a divine being and that everyone else is a divine being. And if you treat everyone with respect as though they are the divine, you treat yourself with respect, even though you are the divine, then you behave in a very different way.

And so one of the things to be able to attain is to get into a place where you first and foremost understand you are already enlightened and getting into that, that at least the possibility of that fact allows for you to begin your ascent or your awakening to that and.

And anything else that that you believe in is a lie. It’s that mean that it doesn’t it doesn’t mean that you’re better than somebody else when you become awakened or anything like that. It’s the opposite. More awakened you become the more you you’re aware of everyone else’s divinity and the more service oriented you become. And so when you start to get into a place of of a higher state of consciousness and your heart opens, you are automatically motivated most of the time.

It’s not always the case, but most of the time to them. So there are some people who have their ego that still kind of or fully intact that can make them go into a very egotistical way with their awakening. They may awaken to certain truths and then they perceive themselves as being better than other people, and then they create a hierarchy of power and or force. Sometimes that’s even happened in the past to force. And and then what ends up happening is sexually, spiritually, that there’s a lot of people feeling that one person’s ego still and and also supporting and feeding their energy and energetically.

And so what’s really important is when you you have a mentor who mentors you spiritually, if you choose to have a physical mentor, is to make sure that that physical mentor, even though they may be leading a group of people and may need support because everybody needs support on their missions and everything else. It’s a really beautiful thing. But to make sure that anybody who’s leading you and who you may be serving or helping in this reciprocal process of receiving mentorship and helping with their mission, that that you it for you, that the whole purpose of their mission is to free you and not to elevate themselves, because that’s what people who are spiritually awakened come into the realization that they can go and they can do the ascension process on their own.

They could go to God on their own. In fact, they’ve most likely already done it and returned to be of service to assist others to come home. And so that’s the path of Christ, the path of the Buddhas, the Bodhisattvas who who they’ve already gone through the ascension process. And then they make a decision to be born again and to come back and to bring people with them. And so this is a very important thing to to be discerning voters.

Who are the people who are leading people? What are they aligned with being at the feet? Of the people who are following them, serving them, because this is really, really cute. That’s what their job is, is to serve their followers. And if they are oriented toward being served, then they are not necessarily the person to follow. Now, that doesn’t mean that that you don’t serve people who are leading. That’s that’s totally fine if it’s in your heart to do so, but not if it’s a kind of mandated, non reciprocal type of relationship, if it’s something where it’s an established hierarchy and that.

You know, there’s there’s an expectation then then then it can become a problem or if there was. Certain teachings around a community that enforce a type of economic hierarchy structure.

So. In all of the mentorship that I’ve received from the Divine, which has been so beautiful and so profound, the divine has reinforced over and over and over again just how important invitation is and how important quality is. And the divine has awakened in my heart a very clear message. And and magnetic pull for me to be of service to humanity so strong. And this all comes from a place of understanding the suffering that’s occurring in the world and what is at the root of the suffering.

So suffering is that is what blocks you from your enlightenment. And suffering comes from not being aware of what it is that’s blocking you. From your your truth of your divinity. Suffering also comes because you may not even be aware that that is even possible, that you are divine. And so the illusion comes in its various forms, and it’s really in this life, it’s it’s built into almost everything, especially the media, when it comes to TV shows and movies.

This is a really important thing to understand when you watch a sitcom made me feel like it’s neutral in some way. When you watch a sitcom, when you watch a movie, there’s a formula. And formula itself has a type of programming in it that keeps you locked into an illusion. Now, it’s sometimes also the content in the dialogue, of course, that keeps you locked into an illusion. And so just even seeing two women fighting. But we’re in a competitive way in a movie or TV show or something that is is a type of, you know, one of those shows where people go on and they live together and agree, want to call.

But anyway, any type of show, whether it’s a drama or if it’s a real life scenario and people are fighting or interacting in negative ways of the dialogue is violent, even even in mild ways. This is a type of programming that you’re receiving when you’re watching these shows, even if you don’t agree with it, even if it’s something you personally think you never participate in, you’re taking in those messages. And that creates that type of corruption and programs you for how the field is to be.

And then you get caught up in the illusion even more. There’s other ways that this happens. This can happen even at school can happen in families and especially in families. It’s a number one place where you get programmed. It’s in your family environment. And so something becomes intrinsically familiar. When it’s not meant to it’s like woven into your existence and it’s really challenging to get out of that state or that the automatic thoughts of how to be and what to expect and for yourself and for others for the world.

And so. When it comes to enlightenment, it’s really important if you want to become enlightened, that once you understand what enlightenment is like, how can you choose enlightenment? You don’t even know what enlightenment is going into a place where you can understand enlightenment is. It’s a variety of things. Enlightenment is really connection with your higher self, is guiding you on your very specific. It’s unlike anybody else’s path. To coming home, and it’s a journey coming home to the knowing of the truth of your divinity and then, of course, the truth, you automatically learn the truth of everyone’s divinity once you know the truth of your divinity.

And then from that place, when you awaken, you become. Very different and consciously. Activated in the world to not be reactive to the world, but to be responsive and to actually know where to be and how to be in the world and how to serve. And so awakening or enlightenment is this place of coming to truth? That’s a number one thing and it’s awakening the consciousness. It’s letting go of the lies and and the dissolution of the illusion.

And the the. Basically, the remembrance you’re a divinity and the forgetting of the illusion has really what’s going on, it’s a flip of where you where most people are now, which is there in the remembrance of the illusion and they’re in the forgetting of their divinity. So what what’s most important is you begin to remember your own divinity. That’s how you begin really begin the path of remembrance of your divinity, memories of of of other people’s divinity.

And there’s a great, beautiful commandment from Jesus which commandment in my mind, from Jesus is actually a blessing of what is to be for you and not necessarily a rule for you to follow. And that is the number one commandment is love God with all your heart, mind, body and soul. Paraphrasing here, and the second commitment is to love your neighbor as yourself. And so these are very powerful instructions of how to go into your own divinity in remembrance of who you are and to ascend into the greater place that that you are on your way to anyway.

And so it’s really important on this path that you understand that enlightenment can happen like that. There’s lots of stories of people who have been enlightened like that.

However, kind of looks like that kind of looks like very fast enlightenment. But we’re talking about lifetimes of preparation for certain people and then they’re born into this life and then something even traumatic can happen. There’s this really beautiful and poignant story of this young boy. I think he’s nine years old and he loses all his family to to death. And I can’t remember how they all died, all his siblings, his parents. I think his whole family wiped out.

And he’s left alone and he’s crying. He’s at the temple. And there’s this incense is burning down. He’s let this incense for his family and he is crying. He’s feeling really terrible. And the incense is burning down, burning down the ashes, stacking up, stacking up. And then all of a sudden the ash just falls. In that instant, he becomes awakened. And so this can happen, it can happen was instantaneous because of an incredible amount of work you’ve done in past lives.

And so we don’t know where we are on that path and when it’s wet, when it can take place and what work we’ve done in the past, we may have a sense we may go, wow, I’ve had so many beautiful opportunities and people in my life may give you an indication of your karma, already established karma. And you may and it may be that tomorrow you’re going to become awake and fully awake and or it could be another lifetime.

We don’t know. The key is that regardless of where you are, is to be in a place where every given moment you make a choice for your betterment, for you to awaken to. Truth is who wants to be sleeping? Some people do. If you remember the movie The Matrix, I can’t remember the character’s name, but that guy was like, actually, I don’t want to remember the truth. I want to be in ignorance. I want to be able to eat steak.

And and he’s like, I don’t want to eat this mush anymore. And he’s talking about the reality of the situation there in you wanted to go into forgetting. And that’s the case for a lot of people. They want to go into forgetting. They don’t there’s there’s two things that happen. There are people who are sleeping. And then there are people, even spiritual people, who don’t want to look at what’s going on around them and they want to go into a type of sleeping, even even spiritual people can make choices that where they have their head in the sand or blinders on, they don’t want to really see what’s going on.

They don’t want to address what’s going on. And they just want to go into the cave and meditate as as an example. But it could be just their home space or their group, their community. They don’t want to really look at the suffering that’s going on in the world. Part of the reason is because they don’t know how to transmute the the suffering. They don’t know how to stay in a place of peace within themselves when people are arguing with them or when people are starving or when people are presenting information they disagree with or when people’s energies are really distorted.

And what happens is part of the reason is because they’re not strong enough in their own truth that they get kind of pulled into negativity. And so in that case, you have the opportunity to to begin training and using anything and anyone that pulls you into negativity or seems to pull you into negativity, really you going into negativity to train yourself. And it’s free training. There’s like so many people in the world that are experiencing negativity. There’s there’s lots of opportunities.

And so if you can stay in the power of yourself, no matter who’s suffering, no matter what anybody says, do you know how many people treat you, then you will become an incredible foundational support for yourself, but also someone who is really firm within themselves, spiritually, which is what you need to do anyway to go to these higher states. It’s so important that you experience you choosing to face. The battles of the dark forces within yourself and your immediate environment now, this sounds like kind of a scary thing, but it’s a really important thing.

And if you look at the back of a guitar, you know, Arjuna’s basically kind of in a way forced on the battlefield by Krishna and Krishna basically says, listen, you’ve got to face the battle. And Arjun is like, I don’t want to fight with those people. I don’t want to I want to be on either side. And I don’t want to kill my these people are still my cousins over there and everything else. And Christian is like.

You know, and so this is important, like everybody in the world is your brother and sister, everyone is your brother and sister. And it’s very important that you recognize this there are no enemies, only perceived enemies, it might be people you have difficulty with or challenges with. People do crazy things the world, but they are all your family. And so if you can get into a place where you can you can be in the battlefield of existence and be in a place where you are absolutely in the power of your divinity and heaven is here on earth within you, then you become this field of divine power.

And it radiates out from you and shines into the world. But just, you know, if you’re going to be a spiritual person who avoids negativity, if you’re going to be a spiritual person who, then you’re not you can you can’t really fully serve. You can serve in small ways, which are lovely if that’s where you are on your path. No judgment whatsoever because every part of the system, every part of where people are on their pastors, even Donald Trump, is crazy, as that may sound.

Donald Trump is serving to point to something that’s going on in our society. And so he has a role to play, just like everybody else has a role to play. Everybody has their karma and everyone has their dharma. And for those of you don’t know what Dharma is, Dharma’s path, your path to just simplify the term.

So it’s really important that on this path you recognize it’s not that somebody like God or some force is going, oh, I’m just going to I’m going to pick this person, this person, this person. And they’re the ones that are going to become enlightened. It doesn’t quite work like that. It really has a lot to do with mostly has to do with your choice to be of service. And we see this throughout history for holy people, there are the ones who are surrender to the divine if they receive help from the divine and then those who even may not even be in relationship with what we call God or whatever else they may be, just even in their own non.

I don’t want to what you want to call it, but just in their process of enlightenment, it doesn’t have an idea of a divinity. It’s still beyond that process and you can still embody certain virtues and be of service to humanity and everything else is you’re still going to be very powerfully on that path. And so addressing also the word God, there are a lot of people who have difficulty with the word God, we don’t they don’t understand this. And it’s on a walk with someone who said to me that that is something important for me to address.

And I will address it even more firmly in another interview that this person’s going to do with me. What I’m going to say to you is this the word God or what we perceive as God for a lot of people has a negative connotation. But it’s because God has been associated with human economic actions that have been very violent and if let’s say somebody said, let’s pretend I have a friend named Shane, that I don’t really have a friend, close friend and chain, but let’s say I have a close friend and somebody goes out into the world and they murder people in the name of shame chain and they’re going around like in the name of shame.

I met this. I did this. And everybody’s like the same person won’t seem like a great person, you know, she not done anything. And then Shane gets a really bad rap. Like everything that’s associated with these murders is associated with Shane machines like I haven’t I don’t really know this person I’ve never met.

I I’m not involved in this in any way. That’s like what’s happened with the word God. You know, the Catholic Church and and other churches in the past have gone out and they’ve created an incredible amount of harm in the name of God. And then everybody’s like, I don’t want to use the word God or I don’t associate with God or I don’t want anything to do with God or anything like that, because you have a perceived idea based on what human beings have done.

Now, when I say God, I mean that which created everything. It is the that which created everything you can conceive of that and that which is forever, which is very much like you, you are divinity and you are eternal and you’re nameless and there’s nothing that can stain you. God is the same in that way. And so your denial of God persay that was created, everything is really a denial of your own divinity. And so I use God and it’s a kind of a new thing that I use, because my whole life I used to use the word divine or the creator of everything.

And and then I started saying the highest God, because there’s lots of gods in a lot of different ways. And I wanted to be very clear within myself that which created everything is the highest God.

And and it was actually God or the divine creator of everything that brought back the word God into my heart. And I would never have, on an ego level, chosen to use the word God.

It was most of my life that I avoided that word. I also avoided referring to God as he and or she. I always try to stay neutral, but I can what I can speak from my personal experience. When the Divine has come to visit me, the divine comes as the divine, masculine as the father and the divine feminine that the Holy Mother. And then Christ, the beautiful embodiment of love of the divine divine love also as has come to mentor me.

And so the Holy Family is something that I’ve become very attuned to and very, very aware of because of their generosity in mentoring me. And so a lot of people might be like, well, I don’t know, I’ve never had that experience. And what I can say is I understand that because I’ve been there. I’ve been in that place of I don’t know. However, I’ve been very fortunate because the divine or the creator of everything has mentored me from a very, very young age.

So I’ve had this consistent mentorship. And so recently, for those of you who don’t know and haven’t heard this, I received a beautiful gift of the flower of heaven in my heart back in February 2013. And it’s been an incredible blessing to receive it. And with it came a beautiful mentorship from from high school. And then very soon and afterwards within, I would say six months approximately, I started to transcribe a sacred text from God. And when I receive this sacred text that came first as this cover, it just came into my consciousness.

Exactly. This is play well, period. And I was I was struck by the power of this title and that I understood, even though I didn’t know the contents yet, that God was asking for us to play well together.

And it was an invitation and an instruction and a little bit of, you know, like a parent who has kids playing together, they might not be playing very well together. And they may say, hey, kids, you just play well together or you guys should be playing well together or just go and play well together again alone, take care of each other and share. That’s what God’s got to share. But they love each other, respect each other, a whole bunch of other things.

So this book, after I received the cover and God showed me what the cover was to be very soon afterwards, I started to transcribe on on seven different occasions. Over the course of about seven or eight months, I started to transcribe this book. And this book is so invitational. It’s it’s actually written in a very conversational way from God. If you read any spiritual texts and you’re confused by them, there’s no confusion in this book. God is written in a way that is accessible to an eight year old.

I was very surprised so much that I argued with God as I was transcribing it. Are you sure you want to be this simple?

Because I read a lot of sacred texts, a lot of different things back back in the day. And so I, I was surprised by the simplicity, but by the end of it, I was really transformed by the simplicity. And I was very grateful that God speaks in a way that is absolutely perfectly clear.

And one of my favorite quotes from this book, and this is how clear God is, you probably can’t find it, but it’s easy enough for me to remember it’s on page sixty eight of the printed book and it goes like this. Poverty equals enslavement. That clear poverty equals enslavement and then God says, and I stand for equality and freedom. And so if you want to have a sense of what God is asking for. If you want to have a sense of how to get on the Enlightenment path, this is the easiest book to read.

It’s not that long. It’s 92 pages. It’s free electronically if you want it. Got a PDF for you. God asked me for it to be available for free to anybody. You want to begin the Enlightenment process? If you haven’t got it yet or you want to deepen into the Enlightenment process, then I highly, highly recommend. And what I’ll say is this enlightenment is for you. And beyond it, if you if you’re not aware of what ascension means.

You can look it up, I’ll tell you briefly a little bit about it right now, but other videos about it and we’ll be speaking more and more about it, because Ascencion is for you to. So enlightenments an incentive ascencion go together quite, quite beautifully, enlightenment is the lightening of your consciousness. Sankin is a process and return back to your divinity and back to basically back to the divine. And it’s your return to your home, your true home.

And so feel free if you feel cold, this book is an invitation from God, an invitation to begin that process of understanding what God is teaching from a very simple place. Because one thing that the divine is is very clear about is wanting for everyone to have the opportunity to return home to the divine. And it’s been complicated for a lot of people. And the divine hasn’t been communicating. I perceive in a way, and I think other people have to and in a very simple way and and now a simple way, getting simple way.

And the other beautiful invitation of this book is that The Divine is asking for us to do this together. And so it’s not like one person you can follow in your heart and you can follow the instructions by yourself. You’ll still go to higher states of consciousness and ascension. But really, this this invitation of Plainwell is to do it, play well with each other and to do this work together, to become enlightened together, to ascend together. But it’s asking us to to bring each other along and not to leave anybody behind.

And so it’s a great invitation. One of the most important things that God has taught me is that if there are people suffering in the world, how do they how do they know about love unless we demonstrate love to them? That’s how we enlightened. Them to love. That’s how we enlighten the world in this whole field to love is by being a love activist. And so I could speak so much and I kind of touched on a lot of a lot of areas and and so there is a lot of beautiful opportunities for people to go to a deeper place within themselves around this whole path.

And I really, really. Would love for everyone to have that opportunity to really awaken to the power of who they are. And so the other thing that’s really important is and someone’s asking just even in the chat, is just the divine help family or immediate family. And it’s it’s really what it comes down to is people have to have like a repeat, have to have the willingness to allow in and receive the help from the divine. And we can pray for each other, we can help each other and we can do the best.

People do have their own karma. And so within that karma, there’s certain things that can be done. They’re certainly miracles that can happen. Please understand this. Sometimes people pray for things that are really out of our control. We can still pray. And that’s beautiful. It’s a demonstration of love. And in the flower of heaven, there is a great chapter on prayer. And I highly recommend, if you want to understand about God answering prayers or the purpose of prayers and everything else and and everything.

There’s a chapter in heaven where God is mentoring. You have a prayer. When when we pray for people, we are showing our love, devotion, connection. We’re demonstrating it to the divine. At times there are there are going to be consequences that are positive for our family and friends when we pray for them. There’s certain things that we cannot change if it is somebodies time to die. Then it is their time to die, and that is that is has to do with their own soul path and is it’s between them and the divine has little to do with us.

It doesn’t mean that we can’t have some influence. Sometimes it really the circumstances are, you know, it really depends. But for the most part, the timing of your birth, the timing of your death is very significant. That being said, when someone dies, you can still pray for them. They don’t it’s not like they’re gone for good. They’re just in a different form. And you can pray for their extension and you can pray for their enlightenment.

You can pray, you know, you can pray to them and ask for forgiveness from them. You can forgive them and tell God that you forgive them. Also in the fluorocarbon, there’s that technique, the forgiveness prayers are in here and how to clear karma between you and family members and how to clear your ancestral karma, which is very important. This is karma you share with your family and friends, mainly your family. But you have the opportunity to clear this karma between you and anybody you meet, not just your family.

And as you clear your own karma and as you become awakened, as you become enlightened, what happens is. You blessed your whole ancestral lineage when you awaken from the lies your ancestors believed from from lifetime to lifetime and from generation to generation, you actually redeem your ancestral lineage. And when you pray, when you do any active service, do it on behalf of your ancestors. So it’s not just you that you’re benefiting your ancestors. When you ask for things.

Ask, ask. Let’s say you pray for something for yourself from God.

Hopefully around around things for benefiting you spiritually and that sort of thing, if and when you pray for that, say to God say.

You could say something like, dear to my soul, the highest God bless me in this way, awaken me not just for me, but for the benefit of my ancestors, for the benefit of all of humanity. How whatever you teach me, dear God, teach me, teach me, whatever you teach me, do it so that I may serve the world better, so that I may serve you better, so that I may be helpful to my brothers and sisters in the world.

And when you do that, you there is so much more power to your prayer, you’re so much more intentional. And if you’re doing that from a place of really caring about your brothers and sisters around the world, caring for your ancestors, then that that level of care is a form of love, activism, and then find ways to actually physically care for people, sponsor a child somewhere, go and do work to help people in your community, stand up for your sovereignty and your rights.

Ensure that if you’re if you want to make change and get into politics and do what you can to make change, support people who are making change, this is really a great way. You know, somebody who’s trying to stand up for your rights, support them, even if you don’t just send a message to them. Saying thank you is a form of support and it helps to embolden them to continue to stand up for your rights and the rights of your community.

And then if you can financially support them or if you can volunteer your time or whatever else to do. So there are a lot of things that we can do for a lot of volunteers in the world who we can call the volunteers or we can call them activists or whatever. But there are people in the world who are working on your behalf to protect your sovereign rights. There’s a big battle happening in the world, not just now. It’s been going on, going for most of most of time.

And so there’s always people who are there to to do what they can to maintain your rights. And then you get these moments of freedom. And then and then the illusion tries to really rein in and block people from their divinity. And so my blessing for you is that you come into a place where you say yes to your divinity, where you you go, you want God or Holy Mother or Christ or the universe or whatever. However you want to connect with a higher being or higher self or higher creator or whatever it is.

And you could even honestly, you could just address your own higher self. And for you to say I say yes to divinity, I say yes to enlightenment. And what is it that I need to do? What do I need to to be aware of? Who do I need to speak to? Who do I need to be around? What are the steps I can take? And then just don’t try to figure it out with the mind. Leave the space for the answers to come to you, and they will keep asking the question with an open, loving, curious heart.

There’s one thing that the Divine has taught me over my lifetime is the more curious I am and receptive simultaneously, and the more that the Divine has disclosed to me, the more that the Divine is revealed to me. And so may the Divine. Bless you. May bless yourself. May blessings occur for you on all levels of your life and for your family and friends, may peace and love, harmony and joy be with you always and forever? A beautiful day.

Much love talk you later.

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