Paying Attention to Realms of Stillness, Change, and Movement

Speaking about movement, change, stillness, and foreverness in the forest. Next time you are in the forest, spend a few moments noticing the newness of everything!

Video Notes

Speaking about movement, change, stillness, and foreverness in the forest. Next time you are in the forest, spend a few moments noticing the newness of everything!

Video Transcript

So today I’m going to speak with you about movement and change and stillness and for Revenants. If you walk into a forest, you’ll often see constant change, even though the trees seem to be growing so slowly, it doesn’t seem to be much happening on one level. There’s an incredible stillness that some of these plants, like trees, create for us where we we feel that strength and stillness. The Earth doesn’t seem to be moving. It seems to be still and solid.

But in reality, there’s an incredible amount of movement happening below the soil, within the tree, even when the wind comes and moves the leaves. There’s a dance that takes place. There’s insects moving and buzzing. There’s birds coming into the field of creation, appearing and moving through it and disappearing. There’s a squirrel or chipmunk running, darting into the into the field and running and darting out. There are creatures you never see but are running around, scurrying around.

You might hear them. You might see an owl dive for one of them. You might not even ever see it. So there’s incredible stillness, incredible movement that’s happening simultaneously. There’s this hiding that happens when we think about even the mycelium network underneath the earth and how much communication is happening, how much sharing is happening and how that benefits other organisms like trees. Unless we pay attention, unless we look deeper, unless we become incredibly still in some ways, then we miss these opportunities, these connections, these communities, these interactions and dynamics.

And even beyond this physical realm, there are energies that are at play that are invisible to us. The spirits of the forest, the spirits of the cedar, the spirits of the fur, and the spirit of the earth itself, the spirit of a river or a ravine going through an area. All of these. Beautiful beings have both energy, power and relationship with each other and themselves. And in any place, whether it’s in your own home, whether it’s in the forest, there is nothing that is ever the same.

We are blessed with this ever changing eternal nowness of creation. The newness is constant. And you could sit even in your own home and think, oh, well, nothing’s ever really going to change in here. But in the air, there are these particles of dust that are moving. And if you look closely enough, if you lay on your couch and you turn your light on in a particular way, you can watch the movement of these dust particles.

Nothing is ever the same, even in your own space, in your in your home. And so why is this why is creation always changing what you really ask that question of yourself?

Get curious about the mystery of this and I want you to think about your life when things seem to feel stuck. They seem to not change fast enough or you think nothing’s nothing new is happening. And what happens to you when you get in those states? And then what happens to you when there’s newness, when there’s celebration, when there’s something new to watch on television? Maybe if you’re a type of person that watches TV, there’s this place where the mind feels like it’s free in some way.

And if there was stillness 24/7, nothing ever changing that probably would terrify you. So creation creates this incredible bounty of newness everywhere. You can travel the earth. Never see the same thing twice. Never, not once. You can you can go to the same places every single year and they will always be different. The mind might perceive them as the same and might get bored and say, Oh, I want to go somewhere else. But if you pay attention, if you have the discipline of really, really looking closely, of not only looking with your eyes, but listening with your ears and listening with your heart and a tuning to the energy of the places you go, you’ll be amazed.

The magic of the nowness of the eternal ever changing. Art of Creation is there to bless you and entertain you, to allow you to feel comfortable so that you can settle into the stillness yourself. So bless you today. Bless every aspect of your being with the grace and the glory of the ever changing creation that has been painted for you has been sung for you, but has been there to awaken and bless your heart. Thank you.


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