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So God and I were chatting...

...and We thought you’d love a brand-new story than the one you’ve been believing, feeding, and conjuring for much of your life.​

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Healing Blessings from the Amazon Forest

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In The Flower of Heaven, you’ll learn about:

  • My personal journey of awakening and finding mentorship in the Divine
  • The spiritual steps I took and embodied to receive the Flower of Heaven
  • The important elements that will reveal the sacredness of all your relationships
  • Practical steps to enlighten your friendships, resolve internal and interpersonal conflicts, and to be a leader in love activism
  • The revelation of The Flower of Heaven and what it really means to you

Heart Centred Transformational Coach

If you are wondering how you got so stuck, fearful, anxious or lost, and you are ready for real, joyful change, then I am here for you.

I offer rapid transformational coaching and hypnotherapy to access the root cause of your challenges, release what is holding you back and to transform your life. When old patterns and drag points are released, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how quickly your life will shift.

I feel blessed to witness the powerful and rapid changes in the lives of my clients and to see them achieve amazing levels of success. Experience a life of abundance, joy, love, and peace in the areas of business, relationships, health, and wellness. If you are passionate about accessing your limitless potential, contact me today to uplevel your life!​

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