3 Keys to the Sacred Importance of Friendships

Tara shares 3 important keys to friendship

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In my new book, The Flower of Heaven, I talk about the importance of friendship and in our lives today, we often don’t make enough time for friendship. What happens is we get busy working or taking care of our kids. We get caught up in what we think has to get done. And we forget about play and we forget about the invitation of another as a friend into play, or we forget about being the invite her into play. Sometimes we actually wait for our friends to invite us.

We want to be invited and we forget that sometimes we need to take the turn to be the one that invites and creates opportunity for play. And when you invite your friend into play, no matter what it is, whether or not you’re inviting them over for a cup of tea or you’re inviting them to go for a walk, or you’re inviting them to go to an event, you want to make sure that when you’re interacting with your friends that you bring in a level of consecration to your friendship and what’s important to you in that friendship.

You want to make sure that you have a goal or a vision for your friendship. And if you’ve never taken the time to think about the purpose of your friendships, the importance of your friendships and what it is you would like to achieve with your friendships, I’m going to just briefly speak about this today and give you some great tips for you to be able to enter into a greater, deeper, more loving and powerful friendship with your friends. And so one of the first things that I’m going to share with you is this the importance of of having a greater vision, asking yourself the question, what is it that I’d love to experience with this person?

What is it that I’d like to create with this person? What is it that I’d like to tap into with this person? And what about life? What I love to experience and explore with this person. You can take this time once a year, maybe even on their birthday, as a focal point for you to get a sense of how you can grow your relationship, your friendship with them, agree it will bring such a a deepening of. The the force and the healing medicine and friendship into your life, and then another tip for you as well is to get into a place where when you’re interacting with your friend, you hold your vision in your field of consciousness.

So you allow yourself to to have that greater vision and might be that well, I want to experience deep connection with this friend. And so then deep connection is your focal point when you do your interactions. And so if you find that you’re going to a very surface level of conversation or. You feel bored in your experience with your friends and, you know, connection is really important to you, especially deep connection, and you can start to orient your interaction with them in a deeper way.

And so you’re training your own mind. You’re bringing your own discipline of conscious friendship into the into play with your friend. And a third way that I’ll share with you and how you can deepen in to. A more fulfilling friendship. Is to. Find ways that you can serve your friends and to let your friend know that you have their back, that you’re there for them and maybe they don’t need anything at that time. And that’s the most perfect time to offer service to a friend so that if ever they’re in a circumstance where they feel overwhelmed or they need help or they’re unwell or they’re stuck.

They think of you. And they turn to you and ask for your help and in a circumstance where maybe you can’t help them, maybe you’re busy, maybe you’re at work, you can’t leave work or you have some other obligation. You can still serve them by by assisting to find someone who can help them or offering to help them a couple hours later or trying to find a solution for them. And when you are available to help, then. Really freeing them to receive the assistance, which means have zero attachment to their then being grateful, have zero attachment to them even being fully aware of what you’re offering them, and just allow yourself to be guided in your experience in helping them just open and surrender your heart to showing up in whatever way that you’re needed to get out of the way of yourself, allow for that energy to come in and to inform you in a very intelligent way when you serve.

And so I hope these beautiful three tips will help nurture and nourish incredible foundational friendships that will carry, you know, excuse me, that will carry you into a deeper and greater friendship with yourself. So my blessings be with you.

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  1. Tara thank you so much for the opening of my eyes to a new view on friendship and connection.
    Highly appreciated.

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