Mystery of Existence

Tara Bianca shares beautiful wisdom in this video about the Mystery of Existence. Interested in connecting with the Mystery? Connecting with the Divine?

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Divine Ascension Wisdom MASTERCLASS: Tara Bianca shares beautiful wisdom in this video about the Mystery of Existence. Interested in connecting with the Mystery? Connecting with the Divine?

Tara reveals ways that you can begin to access revelation and personal connection with the Mystery. This wisdom teaching is a clue to your personal spiritual development and ascension.

Get curious! What is this Mystery? How does it inform me? The Mystery begins to reveal itself to you in a free book called “Play Well.” and is available at

Video Transcript

OK, so what I’m going to do today is share a little bit about divine treasure and I’m going to begin this is the first time that I’m really talking openly about a beautiful book called Plainwell that I’ve transcribed. And this book is an incredible blessing and to humanity. And the book is called Plainwell Period. And I thought that was such a beautiful name for a book. And this book is, I believe, called Play Well, because The Divine is inviting us in very, very.

Many kind of meanings in this in this title, and if you go and you check out play well book dot com, you’ll see the title of this book is very simple. It’s just an orange cover with white white font. And this book is called Playbill Period, because I believe The Divine is inviting us to just like children in a playground who might be not behaving very well and they’re having problems. A beautiful parent comes in and basically tells all the children to play well, meaning play well together, be fair, share, be gentle, have fun, use your imagination, all these things.

And so I believe the Divine is coming in and inviting us collectively, humanity collectively to play well together. And right now, humanity is not playing well together. For the most part, I believe that most people in the world care about each other and they do their best to play well with each other. However, we have groups of people in the world, often people in positions of power, certainly people in positions of power in a corporate way, but also in other ways as well, sometimes even with religion.

And they provide a type of discourse and storytelling that is unfair, that is exclusive, that is harmful. And so these people, whoever they are, are basically running amok with the world. They’re affecting the environment and very harmful ways. They’re blocking beautiful people who are ready to make change in the world from making those changes. They are systematically shutting down discussion around very important topics that are all about freedom and equality. And so the divide, I believe at this time, I was very fortunate to receive this divine transmission mostly in the fall, but some of it at the beginning of January and February.

And and the timing of the release of this book is really fascinating. And so I invite you to get curious about this book. It’s something that I transcribed. And as I transcribed it, there are a lot of it was revelation to me. I was I felt very blessed to be in the front seat of of receiving this beautiful, sacred text from God. And and when I received it, I was super excited to share it. Each part and the divine is like, no, hold on.

And I was like, I just want to share it with the world right now. And I didn’t realize that it was coming in parts and there was more. And so I had to wait until the Divine said, OK, it’s addressed as it is, and now you can share with the world. And when I was allowed to share it with the world was actually the to begin sharing with the world with the beginning of the Easter weekend, which I thought was really a beautiful time for it to be released.

This book talks about a lot of things, but one of the really powerful topics in the book is a book, Treasure. And the Dubai talks a lot about sacred inheritance. So the divine has an inheritance for you and that inheritance is within you. And it’s actually within everyone, and not only can we access the this sacred treasure within ourselves and which is our sacred inheritance, but we also can access treasure within others. And it’s a very, very different type of experience, of course, because as you can imagine, a treasure within you, the way you experience it will be different than how you experience the treasure within someone else.

And so when you when you approach people, the divine teaches that you have like a smorgasbord of about eight billion people to to interact with and connect with when you truly connect with someone, the divine mentors, that when you really free them to be who they are. And you are a true friend to them. Then what happens is that you can then access this treasure that they are or that is within them. And so the the play well book talks about this beautiful treasure, it’s actually deep in the book, you have to read through the other parts to get to it, but it’s a really important thing.

And and and within that, when you access that treasure within yourself and then you also access the treasure within others, you receive incredible blessings. And I know what this is like because I have such a beautiful group of friends and the treasure they are in my life is profound. And some of you maybe have tapped into the blessings of friendship, the blessings of the beauty of your friends and your family. And and if you happen to be one of those people who feels alone or you feel disconnected in some way, I want to say to you that the the most important way to really begin to connect with others, to be able to to open up to that beautiful, sacred treasure, which is your inheritance, is to.

To come into the awareness of being of service and being available for friends and being choosing to be to actively be loving and available and friendship oriented, and I’m a very fortunate I’ll show you the cover of this other book. About a year ago, The Divine gave me some incredible mentorship of friendship and love activism and revealed to me this book that I was to write called Flower. Now, this book is divinely inspired, but it’s and there’s a few transcriptions in there from God.

But I wrote this book, whereas I wrote this book, whereas the other book called Play Well is actually a book that I transcribed. The only thing I wrote was the introduction to that book. And The Divine actually wrote that book. But this book, The Flower of Heaven, is a really beautiful book. It’s about how to be an amazing friend. In the beginning of the book prosection, the book is an activation of surrender and activation of of the Flower of Heaven, which is what the divine gift to be with over just over a year ago.

And so the flower of heaven is in my heart center and it goes out blesses the world. And so it allows me to be an incredible friend to humanity and to be able to mentor people in love. And it all comes from incredible teachings of the Divine gave me, which are in the very first part of this. If you want to learn what those teachings were, then how to read of the flower of Heaven. And then the next part of the book is, is about mindsets and meditations and tools on how to be an amazing conscious friends and love activist in the world.

And then there’s also some tools and like really powerful tools and had a clear emotional conflicts, blockages in your life. And so if you are having some issues or you just want to be a better friend to the world or a better friend to your friends or your family, then take a look at the flower of. Going back to sacred treasure. And so what’s really important when it comes to this beautiful, sacred treasure that’s within your friends and that’s within you is to get curious.

That’s one of the most important things that you can do. Most essential thing that you can do is to actually go treasure. Where is this treasure? What is this treasure? I’m really curious. And to start a dialogue or start a communication with your higher self or with the divine could be the divine father. The Divine Mother can be the divine son. No one is Christ and or it could be even another holy being. You can ask for assistance from from other holy beings like the Buddha, Torana, the Buddha of who’s a bit of compassion and wisdom.

And you can also connecting with a second Buddha or any of the beautiful Buddhas that are out there. In addition, there is like other sacred beings out there that that are there. If you already connect with them, ask for their assistance. But I always say personally, I like to go to the to go to the top. So I always check in with the Divine and I always use the word the highest God that which is that created everything.

And but at times I check in also with with with other human beings. So when you check in and you and you start to start this kind of dialogue and you ask, you ask and you let it go, so you get curious and you say to the divine, OK, divine, what is this beautiful treasure? Guide me on this treasure hunt to the treasure within me, the treasure that I am. And so it’s really fascinating because all my life, I’ve been really blessed, the Divine has been playing these beautiful games with me and it started off with a game of hide and seek when I was eight and a half years old.

And I literally I’ve been playing a game of hide and seek with God, and it’s been so much fun. Sometimes it’s been really frustrating, as you can imagine. But like Looking for the Divine has been really generous and has revealed itself to me in numerous ways. You have to understand the divine is not just one thing at one time. And so the blessing of revelation is something that happens in the eternal nowness of existence. And that beautiful revelation is it is absolutely adventuresome.

It’s absolutely dynamic. It’s absolutely. Spectacular. And what blocks you from this type of revelation of the treasure that you are is is the places where you’re lying to yourself about you and others, and it’s being able to uncover being able to clear those places is really important. And ultimately, that’s the work that I do. So I work with people one on one and sometimes in groups to really experience the uncovering of the lies and the blockages and the clearing of those things to move into a place where you don’t have that heaviness of the lies, the draining of the energy when when you’re living in these types of lies.

Now, the lies that I’m talking about are are really subtle in a way that a lot of people don’t even notice. It’s so familiar. It’s it’s been going on most of your life. And so it’s really challenging to to be able to see them. It’s like it’s the concept of the fish swimming in water and it’s so ubiquitous. It’s always there. It’s really such a part of our environment. It’s like for us with air, we don’t really notice air.

We breathe, breathe it in all the time. We move through it and everything else, but we don’t notice it. It’s kind of got it kind of feeds into our where we don’t awareness air, we roll and awareness like a tree or see a human being and everything else. But what’s really fascinating is getting on the topic of air is that I’ll give you a little hint, a little secret about existence. All of existence is the divine. Some of you may know this.

Some of you maybe like what and air itself is as well. But it’s the part of existence that we don’t really know this all that much. And so every time you inhale and exhale, inhaling and exhaling God or the divine or whatever you whatever you whatever name you associate with that which created everything. And. So anyway, going back to the lies and how they affect us, we end up not really seeing them all all that much and it’s not super clear some people might be able to see your lies that you tell yourself more than you see them.

And sometimes when you have good friends, they may one day save you. Or maybe they have in the past, like, hey, you know, I know this is going to be hard for you to hear, but I need to tell you this. What you’re doing, that behavior that you’re doing is really harming you. And I love you so much. And so please stop doing that or they may come to you and say, you know, the way you treat me is really disrespectful.

And it might be a really hard thing for you to hear. But then having the courage to come and tell you, it’s kind of pointing, they’re giving you a really big blessing. They’re pointing to an aspect within you. That is where there’s a type of kind of corruption that’s happening now, these lies and corruptions and everything like that. It’s like everybody has them. It’s not like you’re the only one or anything like that. Like the majority, ninety nine point nine percent of the population has these corruptions, even for me, uncleared so much in my life.

And the demand has been so generous. And I need to take responsibility and clear a lot of these things. That’s why I can do this work with other people. However, I make mistakes all the time. Still, I made a mistake just two things. Two weeks ago I made a really big mistake. And last week, about a week ago, the divines was. Revealing so many beautiful things to me and then. Because I’ve given the divine permission to reveal when I’ve made mistakes and to reveal the lies I’m telling myself, the divine revealed to me that I have made a glaring error.

And I was. When the told me what it was, I was very surprised that I hadn’t noticed that I had done this. And somehow I was blocked from seeing no, I recognized I had fallen out of divine mentorship because normally I’m in a beautiful state of grace almost all the time. But for days, I was I was in this kind of frustrated state. I was in a state where I felt a bit depressed. I knew I was out of divine mentorship, but I didn’t know why.

And at first I thought maybe it’s because I’m premenstrual or something else is going on. And and I didn’t recognize that there were there were multiple circumstances. But the biggest reason was because I had made a choice. I’d done something that caused harm to myself. And that choice, even though I didn’t think I was causing harm to myself, was now clearly I could see actually cause harm to myself. And so the divine was was very clear that that I had made this error.

And and so I immediately took responsibility, I asked for forgiveness if I told me not to do it again and and and then I was forgiven. And then the divine blessed me. That’s how fast the divine. I just want you to take responsibility and move on. And so that’s the really important thing in these things, we’re not I’m not pointing out that you’re lying to yourself or that you have these blockages, because I, I because I want to add to any sense of shame or guilt or or feeling not good enough within you.

Absolutely not. I’m pointing these things out because these are the things that actually block you from the treasure that’s within the treasure that you are treasure that your your friends and family and money is. And so I care about you. I care. I know how amazing it is to access your sacred inheritance that the divine has there for you and and the joy and the peace and equanimity that goes along with it. And and interestingly enough, the incredible, playful adventure that also coincides with it.

And so when you allow yourself to come into responsibility. And you start looking and asking for anything that is blocking you from your inheritance and you ask the Divine to reveal these things to you, when the Divine shows you immediately take responsibility. Ask the divine for forgiveness. If you’ve harmed somebody, ask that person for forgiveness. You can do do this on an on a soul level, like, for example, the person who passed away. You can do a simple connection with them at the soul level and ask their forgiveness and then you ask even to forgive them for any harm they’ve caused you.

And this is actually a very simple but deep secret teaching. It’s kind of a secret, not so secret. Teaching the divine gives us the what I call the technology of forgiveness to clear karma. And so when you go into asking for forgiveness. From the soul of that person, because the divine. It’s one thing to ask God for forgiveness, it’s another thing to ask the other person for forgiveness. And the Divine wants you first. Ask the other person for forgiveness.

It doesn’t really I guess the order doesn’t matter too much, but I want to make sure that you have the other person for forgiveness. And so it’s interesting because many sacred teachers teach a lot of different things about forgiveness in the world. And one of those sacred teachers is Jesus the Christ. And when he was teaching his disciples, he taught very clearly a parable about how before you go before the judge, resolve the issue with your neighbor. And so he’s basically saying, go and ask for forgiveness or go and resolve things with that person before you go to God.

So you want to you want to ensure that everything is is taken care of, you want to want to take responsibility for what is yours to take responsibility for?

And so when you do this, you can do a practice of what’s called hope. And if you if you get this book, there is a very detailed or step process to hopefully form. If you don’t get this book and you just want to do hope, you can do a one step process that’s available online. You can just look up the word spelt h o apostrophe o p o n o p o n o. And you can find the one step process for free.

However, in my book.

I do a two step process with the divine taught talking to do, and it’s a really powerful process. Essentially the force of process goes like this. You do the whole of practice by asking the person for forgiveness. Now, if you’re the only one who’s been harmed, you have to actually ask. Let’s say you’ve harmed your body. You ask your body and soul for forgiveness for any and all harm you’ve caused yourself. But if you’ve you’ve also caused somebody else harm, then you then you will ask for forgiveness from that person at the level of their soul.

And also you could also call them up or see them in person and ask their forgiveness. And then when you then forgive them for any mistakes they’ve made, even if they’re not asking for forgiveness, you are helping to clear karma between you and the person. If you are ready, if you’re if you’re in a place where you’re like, you know what, I don’t want any blockages between and treasure the treasure of my friend, the treasure within me.

And so if you’re willing to forgive them, everything they any harm they’ve ever caused you in this lifetime or any other lifetime, then you can do that. And then the third step is then going to God and saying, dear God, forgive me for any harm I’ve caused this person. And then you say to God for the fourth step, and I choose to forgive my friend or acquaintance or boss or family member or whomever or any and all harm they’ve caused me in this lifetime or in that time now really big.

Step, you can do this. For people in Kate. You can do this for like let’s say you cannot stand Donald Trump, you can do this prayer for Donald Trump and you can forgive him if you need to do it every single day, you can do it every day. I gave this is a kind of an extreme example, but there are lots of people that may cause you hurt every single day. And I’m going to ask your forgiveness and forgiving them every single day, no matter how they behave with you and go into a very loving, forgiving place, it will transform your consciousness.

Doesn’t mean you have to take abuse. Not saying that doesn’t mean I’m not saying stay in an abusive relationship or anything like that. Absolutely. Do whatever you can to keep yourself safe. That is your responsibility as well. And to keep your your loved ones. So if you if you do the whole point of practice within this book, it explains a little bit more about what home is like, why why that word? And not just briefly say this.

It’s a Hawaiian word, actually. It’s a beautiful practice that it’s pretty Hawaiian and but certainly has been taught in the Hawaiian sacred traditions. And it was originally taught in a 12 step process, which is very similar to a four step process, a kind of cover in my four steps. They’re not that simple. Four step. They’re actually a little bit more detailed. So I cover approximately the 12 steps. But if you go online and you and you find the the regular version of Popenoe photo, it’s usually just in the one step process that goes something like this.

Dear soul of of. My best friend, I love you, I’m sorry for any animal suffering that I’ve caused you in this lifetime or in their lifetime. Please forgive me. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. That’s that’s the that’s the one step. OK, so.

That’s just. See here. Into the Tom. Hi, Mari. So if anybody has any questions to there’s a few people who are listening online and if so, if anybody’s listening online, you are more than welcome. If you have a question about anything that I’m talking about. Feel free to type in a question on Facebook, and I will absolutely answer them. But in the meantime, I want to speak just a little bit more about about this treasure and some of the blockages to the treasure.

And so one of the things I spoke about already is that the lies that we tell ourselves that we’ve been telling ourselves since we were children blocks us from accessing this incredible sacred inheritance, this treasure that’s deep within us, that is us. And so the other thing that can actually block us from accessing it is a types of suffering that come from the way we interact with existence, specifically how we treat our physical body, our physical vehicle. And so if you have any type of ailments or low energy or you’re carrying excess of weight or anything like that, you really pay attention.

It’s really important that you make sure you’re you’re feeding yourself very alive, nutrient dense foods. Now, I’m not saying to never have sugar or wheat or anything like that really limit those things and make sure that if you do have those things, at least, that you have a very nutrient dense diet that’s filled with living foods, more living foods that you can have the better. However, I highly don’t recommend that you have only live living foods. And and I know this from experience.

It really depends where you live. If you live in a climate that’s very warm and you can eat, you can exist on on live living foods. And what I need is by raw fruits and vegetables. However, if you’re in a northern climate, you do need to make some allowances and to have some warming warm foods otherwise. And I’m speaking from absolute experience from a person who was a real rock produced rock and roll. Greatest fear for a long time that you can if you’re in a northern climate, you can actually get out of balance within your body and cooling foods can have a very detrimental effect.

If you do the long, long term or short term, you can do living through, you can do detoxes and things like that. Green smoothie cleanses. You can do real foods for for a couple of months. But long term, you want to make sure that you do have some foods that are warmed up and and and that you’re you’re also getting a good balance in nutrients. So when you are in this place where you’re nourishing your body with a lot of living foods, vibrant color foods, and you’re eliminating or reducing things like coffee, alcohol, anything that has a detrimental effect to your hormones, to your adrenals, a lot of there’s a lot of people out there that drink coffee and they’re like, oh, I’m fine.

Coffee doesn’t really affect me. It’s not true. Coffee absolutely affects you, even if you don’t notice it has. If you’re familiar with the effects, that coffee house on you and those effects may not be the most beneficial. And it’s when you actually start to purify your body of things like stimulants, like caffeine, that you actually start to feel the detrimental effects first through detox. But then when you get clear of them, you start to notice how different you feel.

And so allow yourself the blessing. It doesn’t mean you never have to have coffee if you love coffee, but if you’re in a place where you have an absolute addiction, that you have to have it at least once a day, multiple times a day. That’s a condition. That is a type of imprisonment. And it may actually feel really delightful and but it’s having a detrimental effect on your health. And so I encourage you to do what you can to be in a place in balance with any and all foods, even when I call celebratory foods.

So I may have a coffee with twice a month or something like that. If it’s more than that. It kind of surprises me. I do my best not to have coffee too often, but some people really want to have it at least once a day. If you decide to do that, make sure you are also having a lot of salads, a lot of greens. Make sure you’re you’re creating a balance and and do what you can to have coffee earlier in the day than really even though there are people out there that I know coffee doesn’t affect their sleep.

It’s not true that it doesn’t affect your son. You still may fall asleep and sleep through the night, but that doesn’t mean you’re having the most nourishing restorative sleep that you can have because your body is dealing with the caffeine and having to process it. Any time your body has to process a chemical, it’s taking away from doing other things like healing. And so please be mindful that even though it doesn’t seem like you have any harmful effects, you if you are in perfect health and you’re drinking coffee, that’s one thing.

If you’re not in perfect health, if you’re if you’re not full of energy, then you have to understand that, that the chemicals in coffee have to be processed by your body. And that takes a lot of energy. And that energy can be used to go to higher states of consciousness and energy can be used to do go for a hike. That energy can be used to to be creative and to allow for divine inspiration to come through. So I’m just, you know, I’m just kind of giving you some hints here.

Of course, your free will and you could do whatever you want and whatever you feel comfortable, but really pay attention to to at minimum, even if you don’t eliminate things from your diet, make sure you’re adding very nutrient dense foods. So at least you’re getting the minerals and the nutrients you need for your body to to to repair itself and to energize itself as best as possible. And then as you do that, you may even find that you naturally eliminate certain things.

Now, I say this because I’ve taken people through various specific types of cleanses where people have been addicted to drugs, very addictive drugs. And when I have given them high, nutrient dense foods, I have gotten them off of what? Even telling them to go off of things. They feel repelled by smoking cigarettes, by drinking coffee. But all these things, as soon as they start to get an incredible density of nutrients within their body within five days.

So green juices, green smoothies, green salads, steamed vegetables, lightly steamed vegetables, some quinoa, avocado, some really healthy fats, you start to eat these foods, you start to feel like you you feel repulsed by other foods that are that are more harmful. So I have a friend who I don’t know if he’s watching right now, but I have a friend who has been on a bit of a change in his diet, and he’s eliminated complex carbohydrates and sugars temporarily from his diet.

And he was telling me how he went back to eating some of those things one day. And then he felt so terrible and noticed such a difference in his capacity for being focused and and and other things. So it is it’s incredible how we get so used to being in a state that’s a lower state and we think that’s our normal. And then when you start to level your nutrient intake, you get surprised, just like how much better life can be.

And cognitively, sleep wise, even with sexual energy, like having more sexual energy and everything. So there’s there’s a lot of benefit to eating nutrient dense food and eliminating harmful foods like wheat and excessive dairy. If you’re going to eat dairy, I highly recommend you avoid milk and cream. However, if you are going to eat dairy, I would. Along the lines of things like her. She’s the reason why is is that hard cheese doesn’t have lactose in it.

The lactose is very hard for the body to digest. And so do what you can to to avoid lactose, to what you can to avoid gluten, but not at the expense of eating gluten free foods that are full of a whole bunch of junk. It’s better to just eliminate wheat and most processed grains, with the exception of some more grains like rice, rice, a little quinoa. And if you are going to have something that’s made, I have a great recipe that you can look up online.

It’s a buckwheat quinoa pancake recipe and I use that to make bread and use that to make pancakes, waffles, all these things as a treat every once in a while, but not very. It’s not like a super frequent thing, but it’s a good foundation for making cheese, bread or other types of breads or cakes. And if I am making a special cake or something like that, then that recipe for. So, yeah, the other thing is, is making sure you’re getting ample sleep, so you want to make sure you’re getting about eight hours to nine hours sleep.

For some people, they make a lot more of sleep every night. There are a few people I have met, interestingly enough, from some people of Indian descent from them. When I say Indian descent, I don’t mean native, I mean from India. I’ve met a number of men of Indian descent who, if they sleep more than five hours, they feel exhausted and they can only sleep five hours. So you may be one of those people who actually feels better, sleeping less.

And so I’m not speaking to you when I say this, but for the majority of the population, eight to nine hours is very important. And if you feel irritable, if you feel a lack of energy, if you have difficulty healing, you may not be getting enough sleep. And sleep is one of those things that can block you from accessing higher states of consciousness and accessing the treasurer who you are. So these are the practical body care. Things are super important to being able to access higher states of consciousness, because if you are low in energy, if you are suffering physically, that is a big distraction from accessing joy and peace and equanimity and actually connecting with within yourself.

Now, it’s still possible to do this because I can tell you this at once. One time I had pneumonia. And I was in bed for a month. And I had incredible pain in my chest, every breath I breathe was excruciating. I was constantly coughing, I barely slept. And I was I was also simultaneously very stuffed up in my respiratory upper respiratory system as well as in my lungs. And I pretty much was on death’s door, is what I could say.

And I was in a place of incredible suffering, kind of. And I say kind of because I used every single moment to connect with the Divine. And so with the coughing is the worst, when I would cough, it would be like glass, broken glass being crushed into me, into my lungs.

And so every time I would cough and have this excruciating pain, I would surrender God. And so I used it for a whole month, I surrender to God with every cough, with every discomfort, and so you can actually use any type of disadvantage or suffering to get you even closer to the divine as well. And because there’s nothing else I could do, I just was in pure acceptance of whatever I was in. And it was very fortunate because I actually had a spiritual teacher who called me.

This is the power of connection. He was leaving to go to to the UK and he was heading to the airport and he called around to all the students. He knew somebody was really in a bad place. And this was at the height of this pandemonium that I had and I was on death’s door. I didn’t go to the hospital. It was just kind of one of those things where I was like I was really happy just to surrender to God.

And so anyway, I called my house and my husband answered the phone and brought the phone to me and he said, no teacher wants to speak to you. I got on the phone and he said, what’s going on? And I said, Oh, we’ve been in bed for the month. And this is these are my symptoms. He just happened to be a medical doctor also, as well as a spiritual teacher. And so. You said, oh, you should have told me it’s gone on for too long, and he started to tell me basically he said this killing prayer.

And told me he loved me and then got on the plane and and I woke up the next morning. To we, a really beautiful experience as the power of prayer, the power of spiritual, I didn’t have a spiritual power that I have now back then, but this is the power of my teachers, spiritual power and and how when somebody is attuned to the divine, sometimes membership of the divine, just what’s very possible for you. And so what the purpose of you telling the story?

I’m sure there’s a lot of different benefits that some people will hear. But the main one that I want to share with you is that even if you are in any type of suffering, any time type of challenge or roadblock, surrender to the divine, surrender to and allow yourself to get closer to the divine in whatever way you possibly can. If you do come up to roadblocks in relationships, in situations in life, make sure that you pay attention and ask the divine for guidance.

How can I move through this roadblock? What do I need to know within myself? If I’m causing any of this, what is it that I’m doing and ask for revelation? This is a this is really important. A lot of people think of revelation as being something like extraordinary or whatever revelation is a number of things. Revelation is truth and truth is truth. Even if it is the revelation of how you are blocking yourself from truth, that is still a revelation.

And so allow yourself to align with the divine even when you’re blocked, especially when you’re blocked. Already so. I’m going to share a question and I want you to contemplate and then I think I’ll I’ll wrap this up. So the question I have for you is what? Belief or story? Are you holding up what is causing you for? What belief or story are you buying into or creating or maintaining? That is causing you harm. And the most important question that I’d like for you to ask yourself and journal about this is really good to write these things out.

The next most important and absolutely imperative question to ask after that question is. What story would I like to believe and what story would I like to create? And. One of the most important things that the Divine speaks about in a play well book is an invitation, and the Divine says, I will create whatever story you choose for yourself. Or create whatever story you choose for yourself. And so choose wisely if you choose a horror story for yourself, God will write that for you.

And so you need to be really clear with yourself. What story are you going to write? And so take that time to to write about the stories that you’ve been telling yourself. And then. Finish with the story that you’re choosing for yourself. Really important. And so my invitation in relationship to me, if you’re interested, is I’m inviting you to create a story of beauty and the beauty of you. The beauty of this world. I’m inviting you to, quote, create a story of equality.

Of loving yourself just as much as you love others, of understanding that you are loved by the divine equally. To meet equally to anyone else in the world and the divine must all of us equally. I’m inviting you into a story where you are respected and honored. And a story where you respect and honor everyone else equally. I’m inviting you into the story where you awaken to the beauty and truth of who you are. You discover beautiful treasure that the divine has in within you and hidden within every person who resides in existence.

I’m inviting you into the story. Of the beauty. Of your very presence. In existence. So thank you. Shining your light, thank you for choosing to be born in this existence with. To create an incredible and exquisite story of love. I invite you into this love story with. And invite you into an adventure that is so grand and so exciting, so beautiful. Thank you very much. I love you very much. A beautiful, amazing day.

And a beautiful, amazing life.

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