Why Empaths Can’t Ask for Help

You may think that by receiving help you are taking away from others. In fact, the opposite is true. When you allow others to help you, you are nourishing their hearts.

Video Notes

Empaths who love to help and serve other people but sometimes never ask for help, or they hide or even feel really bad when others assist them. If this reminds you of you, this video is for you! You’re carrying a false belief that you being helped creates a burden for other people.

You may think that by receiving help you are taking away from others. In fact, the opposite is true. When you allow others to help you, you are nourishing their hearts.

And as you are helped by others, you are mentored about how to give help to others better.

Video Transcript

If you’re one of those people who loves to help other people, who loves to serve, you do beautiful things for your friends, for your family, who loves to volunteer. But the shadow aspect of it is you don’t like asking for help. You hide when you need help. You feel really bad if anyone offers to help you and helps you and you tend to be the type of person that says, no, that’s OK, I’ll be all right.

Then this video is for you, because when you do that, you are accepting a belief about you, a lie about you, that there’s something not enough about you to receive that help. And then secondary to that is that you also are carrying an energy and a false belief that you being helped creates a burden for the other person. And I know in your heart that you want people to be helped and you want to help them. And you think by needing help, you’re taking away from them and you’re doing the opposite.

You’re creating a burden for them. But I’m here to tell you that it’s the opposite. When you let someone serve you, when you let someone take care of you, you bless them. You fill them with the grace of the divine when they serve you, when there is a receptivity within you to be served by them, to be cared for by them. What happens is. You open their heart, you nourish them, and you strengthen them just like you’re strengthened when you help others.

At the same time, it’s very important to remember that as you’re helped by others, you learn new ways to help others. You’re mentored. You feel what it feels like to receive the help so that you can go out into the world and give help in newer ways, in ways that maybe you’ve never even experienced before when we’re in situations where we experience temporary illness or discomfort. And we need the assistance of others, it reminds us that there are other people in the world that maybe they’re in the same circumstances or even worse.

And so if someone offers their jacket to you because you’re feeling cold when you receive that jacket, you’re creating an energy in the world of the needs of people being met because you are part of the world and you are part of that incredible community of human beings that exist at the same time. When you receive that jacket and there’s gratitude in your heart, you are blessed not just with the jacket that’s warming you physically, not just with the friendship and the generosity of the person who gives you their jacket, but you’re also blessed with an incredible energy of receptivity that tells the universe that you are ready and willing to receive and have your needs met.

It tells the Divine, Yes, I’m worthy of the grace of God. Yes, I’m worthy of manifesting assistance when I need it. And then the universe comes in and brings more for you. And some people think that resources are limited and in some ways they are. In some ways they are like for us to chop down a forest without replanting it. We create we create debt. And so there has to be balance, of course, in using resources, but when it comes to the energy of love, there’s no limit.

And in fact, the more we receive love, more love is created within yourself, within the other person and within the field of creation. When you allow the energy of guilt for receiving and creating burden for the other person, when you receive whether it’s care and attention, maybe when you’re feeling unwell or if it’s a physical thing, like somebody donates clothing to you or someone helps you up the side of a mountain, doesn’t matter what it is, you give a small, it can be big or maybe even someone like allows you to live in their house for a few months because you have no place to go.

Whatever it is, when you allow for there to be guilt, it’s an attack not only on you, but on generosity. It’s an attack on you in that you are establishing that you’re not worthy and that establishment of not being worthy, it’s an incredible act of violence upon yourself. And if ever you learned to to believe that you’re not worthy, that act as the first act of violence. But if you’ve carried it through your life, you’ve been violent with yourself time and time again.

And the only way to heal that initial act is to make the choice to bring in a new energy. And just like you want people to receive your generosity and your love and your service, you have the opportunity to receive theirs, to bless them and to heal yourself. When you let others bless you. You help them remember the love that they are. If they carry shame in themselves, it’s a starting point for them to heal as well. And so please let people take care of you when you need to be taken care of so that you can be strengthened, so you can be fortified, so you can be nourished to take care of others when you need to take care of them, to allow yourself to be a part of the circle, allow yourself to be part of a community, choose community for yourself, choose love for yourself, choose healing and choose a beautiful dynamic of love in and around and through you always.

So my blessings go with you as you walk into this day. My blessings go with you as you speak and to this day and my blessings go with you as you gaze into the beauty of existence. Thank you.

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