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Feeling Annoyed With Someone?

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Go into the uniqueness of others instead of getting annoyed. You'll find relaxation and peace within yourself when you let go of judgment and embrace easeful acceptance of yourself and others.

Video Notes

If you are ever feeling annoyed with someone—about what they are doing, saying, or not doing—you are going into an energetic state of contraction! Go into the uniqueness of others instead of getting annoyed. You’ll find relaxation and peace within yourself when you let go of judgment and embrace easeful acceptance of yourself and others.

Video Transcript

So today, I have some exciting help for you if you are ever feeling stuck in the energy of judging people or judging yourself or feeling annoyed with people or agitated with people, maybe at work or maybe your children or maybe a sibling or friend. And when you get into the state where you feel agitated by others, are annoyed by others and what they're doing or what they're saying, what they're not doing, what happens as you get into an energetic state where you go into contraction and the energetic state of contraction stops the flow of energy in your body in a way that can bring about illness within you if it continues for a long term or can just even bring about the stagnation of energy.

So you start to lose creativity or it can affect your sexual energy or. You know what, this aspect, actually, of your life, and so you want to stay in the flow of creative, free, loving, pure energy as much as you can. And this isn't about. Making negative energy wrong in any way whatsoever. In fact, it's the opposite when you go into the energy of making somebody wrong because they're frustrating you or annoying you or doing something wrong.

And and there's a judgment that comes are an annoyance or an irritation that keeps you not only from joy and creativity and beautiful flow in your life, but also keeps you from the divine because you get stuck in the mind about it and all of these agitations and everything else or what we could call the disease or disease of the mind. And so to get out of the mind and into the heart where we access the divine or the awareness of the divine, because the divine is always in and through and around everything, but to be able to access the divine, it requires for us to be in a place of stillness and and peace within our heart.

And so let's say you're in a situation where you're at work and somebody making noises that like tapping noises or maybe they're eating something and they're eating in a really noisy way. Or doesn't matter what that frustration is or annoyance is, if you can allow them to simply be as they are by having the awareness that you are allowed to be as you are, if you can accept first your right to choose for yourself what you do, how you are, whether you're aware in a circumstance or not, whether you want to move in a particular way, whether you want to work somewhere, whether you want to be the embodiment of certain energies like love or peace or anger or frustration, whatever you choose for you, you have every right to choose that, but then so does everyone else.

And so when you choose to allow others to be as they are to do existence as they are, which means to show up however they choose to, and people are going to show up in so many different ways. And if you can go into the uniqueness of their showing up, of their personality, of their embodiment, and if you can see it as a work of art, something that's never been done before in that particular configuration and way, and you can start to appreciate through what I call sensuous attentiveness, you can get into a place where you go into relaxation and peace within yourself.

And when you go into relaxation and peace within yourself and you allow yourself to see or hear the beauty of them, just as they are with acceptance in your heart, you deepen into fuller, more beautiful, peaceful acceptance of yourself and all of existence. And it's an incredible blessing. And when you do that, it's so much easier. Sometimes it's just effortless to see the divine in everything and to allow the divine love in everything to bless you. And when you really get to that place, you become like the eye of God.

The eye of God looks out into the world and sees beauty everywhere and is moved by the beauty of everything is. So trust in God's mentorship, the divine mentorship that free will is given and God allows everything in creation that exists or it wouldn't exist. And so if God can allow everything, maybe you can allow everything to.

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