Tara Bianca on The Whole Point with Christy and Cyrina ~ Tara Bianca

Tara Bianca on The Whole Point with Christy and Cyrina

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I was recently interviewed by two amazing women, Christy and Cyrina, the voices behind The Whole Point podcast.

Christy and Cyrina both practice Rapid Transformational Therapy with their clients and are on a mission to help people reach their goals, heal and live a life for all of Love! Here’s what they shared about our discussion:

This week we’re learning about love activism. How do you put love into action? In parenting, in friendship and in the world? Tara Bianca joins us to share how she connects with the divine on a daily basis and how powerfully that has impacted her life. Listen to hear how she received the inspiration for her new book, ‘The Flower of Heaven.’ This book is a blueprint for putting love into action. The focus is friendship- with ourselves, the divine, and others. 

Thanks so much to Christy and Cyrina for sharing this amazing conversation with the world! Listen here.

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