Tara Bianca on Quantum Living Podcast with Anna Anderson ~ Tara Bianca

Tara Bianca on Quantum Living Podcast with Anna Anderson

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I recently had the profound pleasure of speaking with Anna Anderson on her show Quantum Living Podcast about my new book, The Flower of Heaven.

Anna was a gracious host who received my stories about awakening to the Divine, discovering the gift of the Flower of Heaven and more! Here’s what Anna shares:

Join me in this enlightened and fun conversation with Tara Bianca about her mentorship by The Divine.

You’ll be captivated by Tara’s amazing journey of her personal and spiritual growth, guided towards her life’s mission by The Divine, as she received The Flower of Heaven – the Seed of Love, and undertook to share its messages with people around the world.

We talk about Tara’s book “The Flower of Heaven” which encapsulates her teachings. What is conscious friendship? What is the Tantra of Life? What is the key message of The Divine? The answers will surprise you. Both serious and light-hearted, this podcast will uplift and inspire you with its profound messages and practical tools.

There are many teachings in this interview both obvious and hidden that will resonate with you at a deeper level. I recommend that you listen to this podcast at least twice – and please, share it with others!

Thank you to Anna for this amazing conversation!

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