Sexual Confidence Activation for Men


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Sexual Confidence Activation
for Men

  • Listen to this deep theta hypnosis MP3 to activate sexual confidence, powerful arousal, sexual potency, ecstacy, intimacy, loving connection, optimal sexual health, intrinsic self-worth, mutual pleasure, meeting your sexual needs, surrendering in pleasurable sexual service to your lover, and much more!
  • For heterosexual men
  • Important Note: For those uncomfortable with the word ‘God’ or ‘Divine’, please be aware that at the beginning of the recording Tara shares: “Your penis is a sacred part of your existence. It is a gift from God. And as a man, your body, your penis is designed for touch, designed for pleasure. The Divine designed a pleasure site for you to enjoy, for you to share with a loving, sexy lover. (God is that which created everyone & everything)


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