Opening Your Divine Heart


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  • The Divine Heart activation is a powerful reminder of your Divinity.
  • This activation contains powerful statements that include the words ‘the Divine,’ ‘God’ & Christ.’ The Divine is The Creator of All, also known as God, Allah, Shiva, Om, I AM, El, YHWH, Christ, Krishna, The One, The Way, Tao, The Creator, and a multitude of other beautiful names depending on a person’s language and where they reside in the world. Ultimately, the Divine is unnamable.
  • Important Note: This activation contains the following powerful statements, such as “I am choosing to surrender to the will of the Highest God.” If you are, at this time, ready for surrendering to the will of the Divine, then by all means listen to this recording. If you are uncertain, please refrain. 
    • I am choosing to surrender to the Higher Self, the Holy Spirit of the Highest God. 
    • I am choosing to surrender to the will of the Divine.
    • I am choosing to surrender to Love.
  • Listen to this deep theta hypnosis MP3 to activate you into the Truth of your Holy Self, to trust yourself, to feel nourished, powerful and peaceful, to embody freedom, to surrender joyfully to the unknown, to open to beautiful blessings, to attune to the frequency of Christ, Love, Truth and Wisdom, to open to friendship, to be fully present and to celebrate your uniqueness.
  • Bonus activations include feeling empowered, enjoying natural self-confidence, feeling comfortable around others, experiencing calm confidence, radiating confidence, opening to new opportunities, enjoying success, and so much more!


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