Integrated Man


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  • The Integrated Man activation is great for men who would like to move from being a “nice” guy to an empowered man who chooses to be a lovingly discerning, confident leader in his own life to create a purposeful and fulfilling life.
  • Listen to this deep theta hypnosis MP3 to activate you as a strong, clear, empowered, integrated man who is confident in your abilities, integrous, chooses to feel worthy of intimate and sexually satisfying relationships, embodying love and acceptance, self-love, feeling joyful about life, capable and confident under pressure, expressing your needs in peaceful ways, courageous in your decisions, empowering communication skills, completing tasks with ease, accessing clarity, heightened intelligence and inner drive.
  • Bonus activations include opening to being a loving, lovable, confident person who is comfortable in all situations, opens to his core purpose, free of others’ negativity, enjoys natural confidence and optimism, feels empowered, joyful, peaceful and much more!


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