What is love?

Many people are curious and ask, What is Love? And although science attempts to understand it through study, the richness and depth of love is much more elusive. Science can quantify a reaction of the body or delightful biophysical symptoms when someone is experiencing love. However, researchers cannot ever explain love or truly understand love. It is a scientific mystery.

Love is also misunderstood by the general public. Various experiences, including negative and painful ones are often labelled as ‘love.’ The concept that “love hurts” or is painful in anyway is misguided. Love at it’s core is an experience that is absent of pain, absent of suffering. When a person looses another, either through a break up or a death, it is the loss of that connection that is painful. However, the love can never truly be lost. I see this especially when loved ones have passed. Many times I’ve guided clients to that place where they reestablish the connection between them and their loved one, in doing so the love that was always there is uncovered.

In the English language, the word ‘love’ is used to describe people’s preference of food or a favorite film, and so the meaning of love is watered down or its true meaning is influenced by its everyday use. ‘Love’ is also used by people to describe infatuation, romantic projections, attachment, and physical attraction. The fear of rejection, can instill in someone a belief that if someone choses them or stays with them even when things are hurtful, they are loved. Love can also be intertwined with other experiences and emotions, convincing the person that their total experience is love. So then, what is love?

Love can be activated at any time in a person’s life.

Love is…

At its purest form Love is the embodiment of profound acceptance, the recognition of oneself, another, and all of existence, free from the influence of any ideas or beliefs. Love evolves out of the stillness of present moment awareness, yet the state of love is imbued with radiant aliveness. Love is an active power, which exists only in the present moment, free from the past and any ideas of the future; it is a state of being, an experience of loving.

True love exists without the participation of another; it requires nothing in return, free from the influence of reciprocation. Loving, free of all influence, is the entry point into the freedom state of sovereignty at the level of the soul. When we open to loving, we embody true freedom. From embodiment of love & freedom, we are nourished by limitless creative energy, become informed by a greater wisdom, and all action is effortless. The embodiment of love awakens one’s consciousness into a profound awareness of Divine Love. It exists beyond the mind where all ideas of separation are annihilated, as separation does not and has not ever existed.