Guiding Star Life Vision Workshop

I’m excited to share a very empowering and powerful creative vision board technique for manifesting, which is unlike any other vision board you’ve experienced.

2020 is upon us – Are you ready to dive into this year and beyond? Are you looking to have a clear vision, not just for this year, but for your life, as a guiding star on your journey?

I am offering a powerful workshop to clarify your life path, values, vision and mission.

Price: $199 – all materials and a light lunch are included.


  • Exercises in clarifying your passions, core values, goals and vision for your life
  • A beautiful and creative process to create a unique vision board
  • A powerful technique to manifest your goals and vision
  • Powerful mindsets for staying in alignment with your vision
  • Spiritual guidance and mentorship through the process
  • Supportive music and a loving environment
  • Fun, connection and joy
  • Vegetarian lunch & beverages

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