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Disclaimer Do not operate a vehicle or heavy machinery when listening to this guided meditation.

The Flower of Heaven meditation is a companion to The Flower of Heaven book. If you haven’t purchased the book, to get the most inspired results, you can go here to purchase the book.

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Meditation is helpful for relaxing the mind and body. There are many types of meditation to achieve a variety of results. The Flower of Heaven meditation is a guided meditation designed to open you deeper to Love.

The Flower of Heaven meditation suggests using the Lotus Mudra. Some consider mudras merely a symbolic gesture. However, when applied correctly, mudras can be powerful hand, finger, or body positions that open the flow of energy in the body and expand consciousness.

A diagram of the Lotus Mudra

However, you do not have to use this mudra during this meditation. If you feel more relaxed to have your hands resting, feel free to let them be where they are most comfortable.

There are various types of mudras for anything from meditation, tantra, consciousness expansion, and body healing mudras. When one is in an elevated conscious state, mudras can spontaneously occur.

The Lotus Mudra is a lovely mudra of surrender that is practiced to activate and open the heart chakra (heart center) to cultivate loving compassion toward others, to purify the heart center, and to open you to love, joy, and peace.

Getting Started

Choose a comfortable position for your body: sitting cross-legged, laying down, sitting upright in a chair, or standing with your legs just slightly apart. Keep your tongue lightly on the roof of your mouth. Begin playing the guided meditation, your eyes can be closed or open, whatever is safe and relaxing, and I will guide you with my voice.

About The Lotus Mudra

The lotus flower is a sacred symbol of awakening in the light of Truth after emerging from the darkness of illusion.

Well known as an iconic symbol in Hinduism, Buddhism, ancient Egyptian traditions, the lotus is now often associated with spirituality in the West. The symbolic use of the Lotus Mudra is a powerful reminder of the process of awakening from darkness to light.

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