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This Simple Trick Can Save You Big Bucks On Probiotics

If you’re spending money on probiotic supplements, you’ll love the information I have to share with you today.

Probiotics have worked wonders for my health, as I suffered from a chronic low-grade depression and ongoing psoriasis issue starting in my early twenties. After spending thousands of dollars restoring my health, which included a daily regimen of probiotic supplements, I discovered an awesome and simple food hack to help me get my daily probiotics while keeping more money in my pocket.

A Simple Secret

My secret trick to ensure that I am getting adequate probiotics, while saving money, is the addition of fermented foods… namely raw, unpasteurized sauerkraut.

Here’s an overview of why sauerkraut is a cost effective way to get your probiotics:

The average cost of a high-grade 120 capsule probiotic supplement is $30 and a 750 mL jar (3 cups) of raw, organic, unpasteurized sauerkraut will cost approximately $10.

While it is difficult to get a probiotic supplement that provides over 10 billion colony-forming units of bacteria, a single 125 ml. serving (1/2 cup) of sauerkraut produced by a probiotic starter culture yields over 10 trillion colony-forming units of bacteria.

High Grade Probiotic Supplement 1 pill $0.25 10 Billion
Raw, Organic Unpasteurized Sauerkraut ½ cup $1.66 Over 10 Trillion (equals 10,000 Billion)

That means that sauerkraut is over 150 times more potent than probiotic pills if you price out a serving of $0.25 of sauerkraut.

I am always on the lookout for sauerkraut and have found amazing and delicious varieties at farmer’s markets and other natural food grocers. You can make it at home for even bigger savings.

Sauerkraut Starts Strong & Finishes Smooth

The fiber rich content of sauerkraut helps to regulate blood sugar and sweeps the intestines of toxins and waste and regulates bowel activity.

But that’s not all. Sauerkraut is also high in digestive enzyme content, which supports the pancreas and improves digestion.

It has anti parasitic/microbial properties that protect the body from invaders.

Helps to heal the gut lining to stop leaky gut syndrome.

Sauerkraut also gives me a bonus source of antioxidants, minerals and vitamins that probiotic supplements just don’t offer, such as iron, calcium, magnesium, manganese and vitamins C, D, K, A, B6 and B12.

When it comes to sauerkraut, not all are created equal. You want to ensure that you are getting a raw and unpasteurized version, as that is the variety that has all of the probiotic benefits. Many of the commercial grade varieties are high in salt and lack the probiotic count that the raw variety has.

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