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The Skinny on Probiotics or Probiotic Basics

What Are Probiotics?

Probiotics are friendly bacteria residing in the gut, which includes the digestive and gastrointestinal systems, and are extremely beneficial in the establishing and maintaining optimal health.

Probiotics are essential to maintaining a healthy balance in the gut. They feed the healthy bacteria which helps to restore the proper balance in the body. They can be a miracle for those who have suffered from poor gut health. The downside is that they can be extremely expensive.

Why Do I Need Probiotics?

The gut is populated with trillions of bacteria with estimates that we have a ratio of 10 to one bacteria over cells in the body. A healthy gut environment is the foundation for not only our digestive system, but is essential for an optimally functioning immune system and is crucial for our psychological equilibrium. The gut environment is considered to be the second brain as there is two-way communication from the brain to the gut. Each sending messages to the other.

Unfortunately due to the rise in the use of processed foods, sugar, and additives in the modern diet, most people are suffering from a rise of bad bacteria which contribute to many health problems like colitis, IBS, anxiety, depression, brain fog and skin disorders.
The ideal bacteria ratio for good health is 85% good to 15% bad.

Top Five Reasons Why The Body Requires Probiotics

1 Regulates Digestion
2 Boost Your Immune System And Help Fight Infection
3 Assists In Gut Lining Repair
4 Help Reduce Depression And Anxiety
5 Works To Rid The Body Of Toxins

Sources of Probiotics
• Supplements
• Food – fermented foods

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