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Sunshine Kisses Nourish You & Grow Your Baby….Literally

The blessings of sunshine on the skin range from improving your complexion to balancing your hormones to promoting the absorption of calcium from the small intestine.

Ultraviolet light acts as a natural antiseptic which can kill viruses, bacteria, mites, yeasts, fungi and mold. So, getting some sun can help to clear up various skin conditions such as psoriasis, acne, eczema, athlete’s foot, and diaper rash.

Sunlight is also required to convert cholesterol into Vitamin D. There are Vitamin D receptors in almost every cell of the human body, demonstrating the importance of it as an essential part of maintaining balanced health.

Vitamin D is not only required for the development of healthy bones and muscles, but it also contributes to a reduction in inflammation in the body and that may reduce the risk of some types of cancer, particularly colorectal and breast cancers. Ultimately, avoiding sunlight can contribute to vitamin D deficiency.

Sunlight also stimulates your appetite and improves your digestion, elimination, and metabolism. Sunshine encourages healthy circulation. Having trouble sleeping at night? Exposure to natural light during the day increases your melatonin output at night, which enhances sleep and slows down the aging process.

Those living in northern areas are also aware of the effects of lack of sunshine on our mental health during winter months. Sunlight increases the production of endorphins and serotonin in your brain leaving you feeling much better.

Solar prana is also a source of life giving vital energy for your organs and the way it helps to strengthen and vitalize your body.

And for pregnant women, you may find this surprising…Although genes play a significant role in the final height of a human, researcher finding confirmed that “pre-natal sunlight is one of the most significant determinants of height.” [1]

Not only does sunlight help fruit, vegetables, and grains to grow and be healthy, sunlight helps humans to grow and be healthy, too.

So, enjoy a little sunshine today!

Tara Bianca

[1] Early Human Development November 1, 2000; 60: 35-42

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