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Unconditional Love Quotes

Here are some powerful quotes on unconditional love from my book, The Flower of Heaven. May these unconditional love quotes inspire compassion and deep blessed friendships between you and your loved ones.

Love Exists

Love quotes from The Flower of Heaven by Tara Bianca:

Ego love is often tied in with condition, suffering, fear, and angst. Divine Love is unconditional and free. (pg 5)

Here, there, and everywhere the Divine loves you. Here, there, and everywhere the invitation to love the Divine sings out. There is nothing you need to do in this lifetime to justify living. There is nothing you need to be. You are loved unconditionally.  (pg 12)

Christ Consciousness is Unconditional Love. Unconditional Love is automatic forgiveness. It means, I love and accept you no matter what you have done, which erases your debt, which means there’s nothing to be forgiven anymore, so just let your Divinity shine, oh beautiful being.  (pg22)

When you approach Divinity, you become like the Divine in that your heart is oriented toward unconditionally serving humanity. You end up aligned with the Will of God, which in this case is about bringing everyone home to God in the fullness of our Divinity.  (pg 24)

You are the creation of God. You are the beauty of God. There is not one wrinkle, hair, nail, or cell that was not created by the Divine. God is the master architect, sculptor, and admirer of you and of creation Itself. If you look at a wrinkle on your face, that is the Love of God written upon you. The curves, the contours, the space surrounding you, the masterful etching is the deep story of you. Here, there, and everywhere, God knows you, knows Creation. (pg 27)

Everything that exists is the surrender of God to you. Everything that exists is the Divine loving Creation. God is unconditional love. God allows everything, witnesses it and still loves us. Even when you think you are lost, broken, or alone, God is there with you, loving you, beckoning you to return to Love. However, God does not force you to love God. The Divine patiently, beautifully, and humbly asks at your feet, “May I love you?”  (pg 28)

Conscious friendship

Loving or accepting others unconditionally allows us to love and accept ourselves.  (pg 43)

Love each other as the Creator of Everything loves: unconditionally. (pg 45)

If you know people who are suffering, love them. Truly be of service. Even something as simple as a smile is loving and may be the only love or kindness gifted to them that day. Hug them, see them, love them, accept them unconditionally. (pg 45)

Unconditional love never expects the other to be different than they are. Nor does it place a person below another. (pg 46)

Your most important job as a parent, or as a friend to a child, is to mentor children in a field of unconditional love and acceptance. Your gift is to see the rightness in them and reflect it back. You are the witness of the Divine in them.  (pg50)

Every time I access unconditional love for another, I am blessed. Every time I hug someone, I am blessed. Every time I unconditionally hold space for another’s suffering, I am blessed. (pg 62)

Unconditional loving friendship is the foundation for all relationships. (pg 65)

Given the amount of suffering around the world, opening to unconditional, loving friendship is an action we can choose for improving the physical and mental well-being of ourselves and others.  (pg65)

The blessing of extending unconditional friendship to another or cultivating meaningful, loving relationships with your friends is that as you nourish another in friendship, you also are nourished. (pg 69)

A conscious friend is unconditionally loving, patient, present, gentle, clear, honest, and kind. It is with conscious friendship that we invite and nourish peace within our hearts and connect with others unconditionally.  (pg 94)

Free your friends to make mistakes, to be vulnerable, to have differing points of view, to trigger you and to be loved anyway. Always hold the vision for peace, joy, healing, growth and unconditional love in your relationships. (pg 100)

Let yourself be a gift of love and presence. The greatest gift you can offer the world is the gift of your presence as an unconditional observer and lover of the world. (pg 103)

As unconditional, conscious friendship blossoms within us, we inform and inspire others to share the beauty of friendship. (pg 172)

You deserve success in every area of your life. I love you, unconditionally, no matter what happened to you, no matter what was done to you or not done for you. I also love you unconditionally, no matter what terrible things you have done in this life. And I love your parents and ancestors and accept them unconditionally. My prayer for you and your family is that you all know unconditional love, joy, and peace.  (pg 174)

Go forward and treat every person as the equal child of the Divine that they are, no matter how much they have forgotten their beauty, no matter how lost they seem. Love them unconditionally. (pg 188)

I am here to remind you that beautiful Divine mentorship is available to you. God created you and knows you intimately. God awaits your remembrance of the Everlasting Unconditional Love that is God. (pg 189)

May Divine Wisdom, Unconditional Love, and Grace move through, around and radiate out from me. (pg 211)

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