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Emotional Conflicts & Pregnancy

Repressed emotions can create disharmony in the body and can greatly affect all aspects of a person’s life, including fertility. These unresolved emotions create stress in various ways at the level of the body, mind and soul.

At the level of the body, the union of sperm and egg depends on a couple’s overall health. Repressed emotions directly affect the chemical and hormonal balance of the body and create free radicals that cause cellular damage. All of these disruptions create disharmony between the organs that require a natural balance for fertility and overall well-being. In addition, the Qi (‘chi’ or life force) can become deficient, congested, or can become excessive in other areas.

On a cellular level, the body is an interdependent community of fifty trillion individual cells. Ultimately, the community of cells carries out the intention of the mind and spirit (soul). As Dr. Bruce Lipton’s research reveals, “rather than being controlled by our genes, our cells are controlled by their perception of the environment”. If your environment is a soup of chemicals that express the sentiment of stress, your cells & DNA become deeply affected by the messages received and this further impacts conception.

At the level of the mind, we can easily block ourselves from being aware of our repressed issues and emotions. However, our emotional conflicts still exist within the subconscious. The subconscious part of mind is programmed to operate without the awareness of the conscious self and emotions and belief systems rarely go observed.

The good news is that we can become aware of our subconscious belief systems by observing the feedback we receive from our environment as situations show up at work, in our relationships, or even in our ability to conceive or our state of mind once a woman is pregnant. Some people cannot pinpoint the unresolved issues, but know that something just doesn’t feel right in an area of their life.

The conscious mind may also be unaware of its negative mindset that creates a perpetual feedback of negative thoughts that contributes to even more disharmony until the repressed emotions and initial traumas are resolved and healed. Often people don’t understand why they feel angry, depressed, sad or easily frustrated with others; it just seems so automatic and no matter what they do, the negative emotions come out some how.

At the level of the soul, soul loss can occur when a person has experienced an emotional conflict that is not resolved. This may happen when a part of the soul splinters off as a mechanism to protect itself from deep suffering. When a person is not “whole”, problems arise in their health, including their fertility.

Although a woman may successfully conceive, she may run into health issues in her pregnancy and pregnancies that do not go to full term may have their root in unresolved emotional conflicts that are affecting the soul, mind, and body. If she is successful at carrying her baby to full term, a woman with unresolved emotional issues, shares her emotional and energetic environment with her baby. The baby is conceived, nurtured and birthed into an environment that creates a similar situation of repressed emotions and belief systems for the baby.

I have spent a lot of time on pregnancy forums and my heart goes out to many women who believe their only path to deal with their emotions is to take antidepressants. Unfortunately, there are few professional trained to assist in healing the emotional conflicts that affect most people at the root.

If you are thinking of conceiving, trying to conceive, or are already pregnant, please resolve all emotional issues immediately. The well being of the parents, the baby, and humanity are deeply affected when unresolved emotional issues are past down to the next generation.

Find a person who can guide you through clearing blockages at subconscious and cellular level so that you and your baby can enjoy a joyful life. In combination with clearing emotional conflicts, acupuncture is a great modality to assist healing at the level of the body.

We have an opportunity to transform our emotional conflicts and create an environment where both our children and our own self are fully nurtured and empowered. You are preparing for your baby to be nourished and birthed into an environment that will affect the rest of your baby’s life.

I am available for a free consultation if you would like to discuss how you to clear your unresolved emotional issues at any stage of your pregnancy.

Tara Bianca
Conscious Pregnancy Coaching

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