Announcing The Star Circle Mentorship – An Affordable, Online Group Coaching Experience by Tara Bianca

I’m thrilled to announce that my online mentorship website is now ready for you to join!

After many months of preparation, today I feel so excited to launch my new program today called The Star Circle Mentorship.

Who you receive mentorship from in this life is paramount. If you are experiencing negative thinking, anxiety, fear of rejection or have been believing you’re not good enough in any way, you have most likely been taking mentorship from negative influences throughout your life.

I’ve designed this program specifically to awaken you into the remembrance of the beauty and power of you. Month by month, we will journey together to release outdated programs and negative mindsets, and to create new mindsets and opportunities for success, freedom, joy, peace, adventure, fun, and love.

What is Included in The Star Circle Mentorship

Here’s what’s included when you become a member of The Star Circle Mentorship community:

  • Stay guided each month with hypnosis, meditations, podcasts, mantras and worksheets based around a monthly exploration topic
  • Participate in Live monthly calls with Tara where you’ll have an opportunity to ask questions and go deeper into the wisdom teachings
  • 25% discount on stand-alone courses
  • Access to all archived members content
  • Participate in the Star Circle Facebook Community page for daily connection with Tara and like-minded people

Affordable and 30% Off Until February 7

Because this is a new launch, I’m offering the opportunity for you to be a founding member with a permanent discount of 30% off your ongoing subscription if you sign up by February 7, 2020 11:59 PM PST.

There’s no risk to you, as I am also offering you a 30-day FREE trial. You’ll need to use a credit card to join, however, you will not be charged if you unsubscribe before the end of the trial.

To get started, simply click the button below and use the code STARLAUNCH at checkout to join today and start your one-month free!

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