I experienced  instant emotional and psychological transformation working with Tara Bianca and it improved my life dramatically.

For most of my life, I felt like I wasn’t enough. Consciously I knew it wasn’t true, but there was a mean, critical voice inside my head. As an entrepreneur, no matter how hard I worked, it seemed almost impossible to earn money. Money seemed to repel me.

After my first session with Tara, I began instantly accepting, and loving myself.  I instantly felt more strong, confident, and self assured. Also, earning money as an entrepreneur all of a sudden became easy and enjoyable. I can’t explain how Tara does it, but the results are life changing!

Krista Whiteside

2 x CBBF Bikini Champion, Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Vancouver, BC

I just wanted to let you know a bit of what has been going on in my life for the past 2 months or so. I actually met my love, he came, suddenly into my world and filled my life with joy.

I have only ever felt one love like this in life, though the difference between the two experiences is me- last time I was tied up in worry, fear, self doubt and darkness, I held myself back, inside and didn’t let myself truly be me and be with my love at that time. I ultimately sabotaged that relationship.

However, all of the learning that I have done since then has brought me to the most beautiful of places. I feel confidant, peaceful, beautiful, worthy and loved. I feel safe with this man and completely accepted. I didn’t actually believe that this was possible for me for a long time, but I am now so grateful that I had faith in myself, in you, in the Universe…because the man that I manifested in my vision last winter with you….well he came right into my life. I have no more words but just wanted to express how joyful, fulfilled, peaceful, fed, inspired, safe and secure I now feel. I have been waiting for my love this entire lifetime.

Thank you so much for the influence that you have had on my life, I really can’t express it in words, but you have changed everything for me. (April 2017)

Eternally loving,

Sophia Fischer

Massage Therapist, Toronto, ON

I couldn’t sleep and started to affect others around me… When I went to see Tara…she took me through her process and it really did help. Now I sleep perfectly!


Student, North Vancouver, BC

Tara has always been a genuine and giving guide. I find our conversations calming as she makes no judgments, but rather listens and shares her experience. She has supported me through some tough times and helped me to deal with anxiety using tapping, mediation and other helpful techniques. I am grateful for the tools and perspectives she has given me.

Jason Roberts

Co-founder Tofino Nature Kids, Tofino, BC

I was just thinking today about how happy and grateful I am every day for the quality of life that I have accessed, so I wanted to say thank you for empowering me to live a life that I love, in which I enjoy every day. (Sept 2013)

Sophia Fischer

Toronto, ON

Tara, thank you. I am feeling better and different. For the first time in my life I accept myself to be here. In the past, I never trusted myself, living with fear and fear from others, living with half knowledge about others. You are special gifted guru in my life. I don’t have enough words to say thank you because you deserve more than that. Once again thank very much for your teaching.

Lali R

Surrey, BC

Tara is an amazing coach. Her gentle and intuitive nature allows for a deeper and more profound integration. She is very professional and had a sincere and genuine approach to my issues.

Usna Mievent

Vancouver, BC

OMG, you’re a genius!

Steve M

North Vancouver, BC

Tara’s patience, integrity, compassion and clarity to my process was overwhelmingly beneficial to my experience. She was intune with what needed to be cleared to get to the bottom of my trauma. Tara helped me to clear this trauma, resulting in my old feelings being released. I also experienced a more loving attitude toward those who were a part of the event. Tara is a very sincere listener and is non-judgmental, loving and kind.

Dolena Thompson

Xtreme Lashes, North Vancouver, BC

Tara, I just want to say you are a miracle! Thank you for your considerable help in healing my deepest wounds. You are truly amazing, and I will be singing your praises to whoever will listen!


Lisa Whiteside

doTerra Wellness Advocate

Wow is all I can say!! You are unreal – the most important relationship I have ( with myself) has changed in such a positive way!!!
A million thank you’s and endless appreciation for your work!
Palu P

Vancouver, BC

Tara guided me through a process that helped me to release a traumatic event from my past with skill and caring attentiveness. Her confidence was felt and I felt very safe in her presence. I would recommend others with past traumas to her for guidance in release and resolution

Devon Christie

Vancouver, BC

Tara brings knowledge, kindness, intelligence and deep presence to her sessions. With Tara’s guidance, I was able to end 41 years of profound sadness and anger, and replace it with love, joy and peace…Tara, you have my sincerest and deepest gratitude.

Mark Siermaczeski

Cruelty Free Cartoons, North Van, BC

Tara is a talented intuitive who took great care to be sure my journey into myself was pure, direct and powerful. I gave great gratitude.

Tim Steinruck

26-8 Music Publishing Inc., Vancouver, BC

I love working with you! You give 100% or more to help someone. You are truly an amazing person and I am so thankful that I got directed to you. Even though this was a really tough time in my life, working with you made things so much better and helped me in more ways than one.

The tools you taught me and the processes you led me through, all helped me make changes to become my more authentic self. I have really begun to realize that I am in charge of my life and choose my reality, where as before I just thought “oh this has to run its course” or “this was the hand I was dealt in life.”

But you taught me how to make changes by changing my dialogue and recognizing the strength I have in myself, which is so new to me and wonderful.

I also feel more at peace with myself and more confident because I am finally figuring out how I really am and letting it show rather than hiding it and rejecting it. So thank you for that.

You are so easy to talk to, kind, caring, knowledgeable. And you have a ton of patience. When I was really struggling I couldn’t wait to talk to you next because I knew that you are so powerful and would help me so much in a good way, and point and lead me in a direction I like. You really cared about what was happening to me and wanted to help me make the changes I wanted and that was wonderful and humbling. I know you truly cared.

You are such an interesting person to learn from and make it easy! I am so grateful I know you Tara and I am so grateful you are the person you are. Thank you so much!

Taylor Carson

Student, School of Natural Nutition, Calgary, AB

I actually was able to sit down and communicate everything I was feeling with my fiancé which was a huge step for me and I feel so much better now and have recovered much (if not all) of the self confidence, that I thought I had lost.

I’m really impressed and proud of the progress I’ve made in actually communicating all I feel instead of bottling it inside and let it fester. My partner noticed a huge difference as well.

This was the first real life incident where my self love development was put to the test and I’m so happy that despite the less than 24 hour dip, I was able to find a healthy solution. Usually I let this type of situation fester for several days and it usually explodes out of me. This time, I didn’t burst into tears or yell when I did confront my partner and as soon as I said how I felt, it was like all the misery I was feeling and completely evaporated and self-love took it’s place.

I knew my mind was having a knee jerk reaction to insecurity, but this time I was able to control it, confront it and see it for what it truly was. The situation wasn’t at all what I had imagined in my head. It was as I suspected, a self-made, perversely warped interpretation of the truth designed to tear me down. The ability to step back and have the awareness to be able to see that, is truly a reflection of how far I’ve come.

My partner was really proud and impressed too! I truly believe our session has made me aware of what a strong, capable and deserving person I am. I have never been happier or felt more whole. To love the person looking back at yourself in the mirror is one of the most fulfilling feelings.

My favorite line in the recording is: “And when you’re in this awareness I have to tell you something. You are enough. You are loveable, beautiful and powerful.” I repeat that to myself all the time when I’m walking around. It’s such a magical feeling to be able to truly believe it now.

I can’t tell you how much I appreciated the time we spent together!

All my heart,

Marie King

Chicago, IL

Yesterday, I finished my second session with Tara. Since the day we met couple of months ago, I felt there is something special about her and that I would love to work with her. She radiates unconditional love, which I was deprived of severely in my childhood.

Despite us working thousands of miles apart online, we removed some pretty heavy emotional blockages and healed some tough memories. It was so intense that I was feeling tired after our session, but in a good way. I felt amazing, I was able to cry, which I normally wasn’t even able to do in front of my own therapist. But for the most part those were tears of joy, as I gave my inner child what he deserves – love, admiration, and safety.

I read a lot of books myself, have 5 years of therapy under my belt, but I can honestly say Tara is a well of useful wisdom that did more good for me than all those books combined. I enjoyed her guided process. I could listen to her healing voice every day.

Forever grateful!

Martin Jost


I have been to Tara many times and keep coming back for more reasons than I can even begin to articulate, though I will try. Tara gets results, which is the biggest reason, but as well, she has so many other redeeming qualities. She is a master at any given process that she implements. She is sincere, focused, patient, non-judgmental and confident!

My life has changed as a result of knowing and working with Tara. The difference in my personality with respect to anxiety has be noticed by everyone.

I suffered from severe post-traumatic stress disorder which developed into full blown OCD. I had been treated over 30 years with medications, psychologists, and psychiatric counseling. I was advised “once OCD, always OCD” and that I had to accept my fate. I am here to say how wrong this statement was. My life has changed as a result of Tara’s techniques. Thanks Tara!

Debbie Masch

North Vancouver, BC

I am honored to offer a testimonial on her behalf. Tara has helped me through illness, marital ups & downs, raising my children and my peer relationships by helping me to re-focus my intentions and de-clutter the noise that usually interferes with listening to one’s inner voice. Her guidance has helped me look deep inside myself and grow stronger as a person by asking some tough but direct questions and by guiding me to question each emotion, thought, and intention… not with the purpose to pass judgement, but to acknowledge it and then continue.

As well as offering emotional support and guidance, I have equally valued her attention to my physical health and how both are inter-connected. I have never felt stronger or more sure of myself… and, I am excited to say that this feels like just the beginning for me!

I am truly grateful that I have Tara in my life. She is a source of inspiration for me while I continue on my journey.

Kelly Petryk

Edmonton, AB

Tara has been an extraordinary life coach for me over the last few months. She truly has brought many gifts to my life. Tara’s honest witnessing and compassion toward the parts of myself that created suffering and were stuck, challenged, buried, have shown me her Deeply Compassionate heart and the skill with which she does her work.

Tara takes great joy in supporting others to learn how to feel their own inner joy and light more and more consistently. She has shown me how to witness myself on such a profoundly simple level, and has shown me how to see the world through different lenses. I’ve been wearing the lens of unconditional love, compassion, and a sheer heart centered awareness, more and more in my life. This came through the process of being willing to look within, being willing to witness the darkness, and allowing space and compassion for myself.

She has given me many very helpful tools to process the more challenging things that come up in life and shown practically how much of my experience is a creation of my own hidden, often faulty beliefs. So…

How, you ask, do you change the faulty beliefs within yourself so as to stop the suffering in your life, and start living more freely? I am confident Tara can help you with this, as she has helped me. She has shown me great patience and how to have courage to dig into the uncomfortable things within myself, using different tools to clean and clear myself of toxic emotions and old belief systems. Afterward, I feel genuinely better… I feel a lasting awareness of new space within my own being which has brought great gifts of upliftment and joy.

Niomi Starspires

ManiStone Centre for Well Being, Nelson, BC